Mineral powder and dry skin

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    Many have learned / teach that people with oily skin should have mineral foundation while people with dry, mature and sensitive skin should have a liquid foundation because powder looks very powdery on a dry skin. But I want to crack the "myth" here and now!

    This rule is based on the fact that many powder foundations can be so, but in my opinion this is absolutely not true when talking about a good mineral foundation! (Note that there are powder foundations that are not mineral foundations).


    A liquid foundation may contain more moisturizing substances, etc. that help the skin during the day, but a good mineral foundation with 100% pure minerals is great for sensitive skin that is easily irritated by products on the face. And if you massage the product into the skin with a soft brush, you do not get the powdery result at all, but it blends well with the skin and gives a opaque and natural result.

    In other words, a mineral foundation works gallantly on all skin types, then it's a matter of taste which foundation form you prefer to work with.

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    If you have such dry skin that you have a lot of skin flakes or still think you have got a powdery result (or just want extra moisture anyway), then you can just spray a face mist over the face and you moisturize and get the powder to settle more natural on the skin! I use Sanctums Face Mist, it is super good :) In fact, I myself think that many liquid foundations make the skin flakes visible more than a mineral foundation!

    I have received many reviews Yag minerals foundation (formerly called nudh mineral) by people with dry and sensitive skin - who love Yag mineral! So there we have proof that what I am writing now is true :) Most recently yesterday I received this comment on Modernmom.se:
    review yag mineral foundation

    So you who are eager to try mineral makeup but have not done so due to your skin type, try it! :)

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    Helena Amiley
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    1. I have both mature and dry skin and have used Tromborg mineral (powder) foundation for several years and am very satisfied. I only use my regular day cream before.

    2. It is said that you should "moisturize well" before applying mineral powder on a dry skin & then I wonder what is meant by moisturize well? Should you take more face cream than usual? Or should you moisturize as usual & when this has dried in, moisturize again? Should the face cream be allowed to dry completely before applying the mineral powder or should the surface still be moist? I think it's very difficult to get it

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