Mini photo studio at home

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    Many of you have asked about my little photo studio and how I get good pictures even though it is dark outside. So now I thought I would tell you :)

    The most common question I have been asked is "what have you bought for a new camera?But I use the exact same camera as always, the Canon eos 550D. What has made my pictures better and better is that about a year ago I took Emelie Ohlsson's web course in photography and learned the basics of how to use a system camera.

    The course helped me sooo much, I really recommend it to all of you who (just like me) fall asleep as soon as someone tries to explain iso, shutter speed, aperture and all that. Snark… But Emelie does it in a very educational and interesting way! You will find the course here, it costs SEK 599 :)

    Then I bought a 50 mm lens and started shooting with the off setting and daylight instead of auto and the built-in flash. But it became problematic now in the autumn / winter when the light hours are few and quite gray. So instead I asked the photographer Niklas Lundengård about some tips when he shot a photo that I made up for, and he was so extremely helpful and before I knew it he had sent links to exactly what I would buy to get a complete mini studio that I can pick up and set away every day without it taking up super large space in our little one. So nice !!!


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    This is what it looks like in our small living room now between the sofa and the TV while I take pictures, and then I put everything in the corner next to the bed when I'm done.

    The most important purchase was this studio flash kit which contains two flashes with softbox + tripod, cables and accessories. Then I also bought a beauty dish + adapter (so use beauty dish on one flash and a soot box on the other), and a large and white background + stand for it.

    I bought everything from, they had fast delivery and everything went flawlessly! Everything cost a total of SEK 8,000.

    mini-photo studio

    I took a picture of the settings with my mobile if you want to see it too:

    photo settings

    You have no idea how wonderful these photo things are to me! It saves so much time!

    In addition to the fact that it required a lot of work before with time planning (timing in daylight), test photos, changing settings and editing lights in photoshop, it was also boring because my photos became so flat. All shading and highlighter were blown away and no matter how much glow powder I had, the skin got no glow at all in the pictures.

    But now there is a big difference :)


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    The then pictures were taken in really good daylight, while the now pictures are super nice even though they were taken in the evening when it was completely dark outside.

    Now the images are sharper, more colorful and much more like reality. In addition, it does not require as much time and work at all, which is incredibly nice!

    now then

    I believe in itself that I can still make a lot of improvements on this front, I work my way forward and test a little different every day. But the improvement from just one year ago is huge!

    Hope this was interesting also for you who have not wanted this post, and for you who were curious - hope you have received answers to your questions and otherwise you will have to shout :)

    Hugs ♥

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