Mirins Copenhagen Perfume Roller

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    I have received a press sample of a product that I think is super smart, a little perfume roller!

    Perfect for us who do not want a lot of perfume on us, but preferably on many different parts of the body e.g. behind the ears, wrists, décolleté, etc.

    I try to spread a perfume spray on the whole body, but I know many who spray e.g. three times if they want it in three different areas. Neither economical nor gives a good scent in my opinion, I do not like when the perfume becomes too clear and certainly not when it turns into strong / prickly in the nose.

    This is also a good form if you have to think about the fellow human beings around us who do not tolerate perfume, the less the better!


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    This particular perfume roller is from the natural brand Mirins Copenhagen and does not contain perfume but is made from essential oils!

    Their perfumes "Aromatherapy Perfume Roller" are available in different scents and I have the scent Calming containing jojoba oil and essential oils of lavender and bergamot. A scent that should be soothing and good for the mood.

    I personally unfortunately think that the scent is too natural for my taste, I love lavender but I think mostly forest / conifer when I smell the perfume. Good in a natural cream or similar, but as a perfume I would unfortunately not use it, which is a shame because I love how it is designed!

    However, I get extremely eager to try one of the other scents, because the perfume is available in five different scents and in addition to the one I have, there are also:
    * Orange, mint and rose geranium
    * Patchouli, rosewood and rose geranium
    * Rosemary, tea tree and mint
    * Lemon and ginger

     The perfumes cost SEK 230 and are available for purchase Rideitbarefoot.com!


    But surely you agree that perfume in a roll bottle is very smart? :)

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