My year

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    When it was December I got a little inner panic, I started thinking back on the year and got a feeling that not much has happened…

    But then I looked back at the posts I made a year ago and thought Was that just a year ago !?”. And when I started thinking about it, it was actually an extremely eventful year for me! Now I do not even understand why I had so many blog readers even then, my makeup pictures were really bad compared to now haha!

    Highlights 2014:
    ♥ I have been nominated for "Beauty Blog of the Year" in the VR Blog Awards!
    ♥ I have had several different hairstyles and hair colors (not like me!)
    ♥ My blog has become much, much better, both the content and the photos.
    ♥ I have started a brand new webshop -!
    ♥ I have done many fun makeup jobs, including the winning photos in the Tendenz Stylist Awards 2014.
    ♥ I have offered laughter - e.g. happened to use tan without sun instead of lotion, haha.
    ♥ I have taken a driver's license!
    ♥ I have attended an airbrush training.
    ♥ I have been recognized by blog readers in town who came forward and said hello.
    ♥ I have declared my company for the first time (I do all the accounting myself) and it went well!
    ♥ Miska and I have had the world's most wonderful holiday trip in Cape Verde!

    A year ago there was like not even! I initially tried to bring clothes into the shop as well, and I have also had time to stop with that part. In addition, I have found and taken in great beauty brands, and more are on g I can tell you like this in secret;)

    And you know what, if my company increases as much in percentage next year as it has done this year, then I will even be able to take out a "normal" monthly salary like any working person :) Then I will laugh at this the post later, and that today I got "not allowed" on the card at ICA when I would shop for 60 kroner haha.

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    This year I have simply had a really good time, and I'm so excited for 2015! It will be a really exciting and eventful year! :)


    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!! You are the best :) ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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