Mixing Liquid

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    Mixing Liquid is a transparent liquid from Make Up Store, which one uses to attach glitter.
    You can either paint one glittereyeliner using Mixing Liquid, or simply put some glitter on top of a make-up.

    You have probably seen a few different variations on my new party make-up!

    Pour some liquid into the bottle Cork.
    Dip the brush in the cork (in the picture an eyeliner brush)
    Paint a little with the brush on the hand so that the brush does not get too wet!
    Dip the brush in the glitter (in the picture, glitter from MUS)
    Then it's just that paint a nice glittery eyeliner!
    (You usually need to "fill" the brush with glitter before you are done, then you have to dip in the cork again)

    If you want glitter on the entire make-up and not an eyeliner,
    doppa en larger brush in the cork and dutta firmly glittered on the make-up!

    Mixing Liquid contains alcohol, if you have sensitive eyes, you should not use it too often as it can dry out the skin around the eyes.

    My eyes get a little irritated by it, but I have such heavenly sensitive eyes too so I'm shocked that I do not feel it anymore.

    I am completely satisfied!
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