Mood Wood Natural Glitter (Glitter Makeup)

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    Finally, this news is in my webshop! Eco-friendly glitter! :)

    These natural glitters from the Mood Wood brand are made of wood and are biodegradable in nature and also 40% softer than plastic glitter, which makes it more gentle on the skin.

    Glitter of wood, can it really sparkle so much ?? The answer is yes! It glitters very nicely and gets extra effect thanks to the grains being different sizes, I love it!

    A picture where I hold the package so you can see more clearly how big it is. It contains 10 ml.

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    What is Mood Wood Natural Glitter?
    Brilliant glitter in several colors that is biodegradable in nature!

    • Made of durable FSC wood
    • Minimizes the consumption of microplastics and heavy metals
    • Optimized reflection
    • Biodegradable in nature

    This glitter is made of cellulose from sustainable FSC wood (responsible forestry that takes into account the environment and people) and a fantastic alternative to plastic glitter that we do not want in nature.

    The packaging is a small bottle, I usually put the brush straight down but you can also easily pour it out a little on a piece of paper.

    How to apply loose glitter? 
    I use Kryolan Cake Liner Sealer, it looks like water but is there to make cake eyeliners waterproof (which they do not become if you mix with ordinary water). But then I realized for myself that it works exemplary for attaching loose glitter! Better than e.g. Make Up Store Mixing Liquid for it I can not have under the eyes without the eyes tears, it is so strong. But this one is not a bit strong in my eyes.

    I take a drop of Cake Liner Sealer (simple pipe bottle) on the back of the hand, dip a flat brush in it (or an eyeliner brush if I am going to make a glitter eyeliner) then I dip the moistened brush gently in the glitter and then dab on the eyelid. Then it's like a slap from morning to night!

    I can do a step by step on this soon :)

    Mood Wood also has an organic glitter primer that you can attach with - I have to have a little more time to put it to the test, however, because I got the glitter jars home long before. So we'll see if it qualifies in the range since it too!

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    The glitter is available in 6 nice colors!

    Mint - Light glitter in mint green tone
    Blue - Light, ice blue color
    Purple - Rosé, the color is called purple but I would call it rose gold
    Multi color - Several shades in the same, will be a great effect!
    Silver - Brilliant silver glitter
    Gold - Brilliant gold glitter in a gold tone that goes more to yellow than orange.

    Fina va? :)

    You have seen this glitter in several looks lately, here are some of them:

    Purple & Gold - Here I have used the shade Purple on the eyebrows and Gold in the middle of the eyelid.

    Step by step you will find in the post Purple eyebrows & Golden eyelids.

    Blue - The blue glitter on the eyelid and under the eye.

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    Step by step you will find in the post Blue glitter makeup.

    Multi Color - Here I have used the glitter with more shades in the same, so nice!

    Step by step on this makeup you will find in the post Glitter Cut Crease.

    Multi color - The multicolored glitter laid on top of a turquoise eyeliner!

    Step by step you will find in the post Glitter eyeliner step by step.

    Gold - this make-up has actually become one of my favorites!

    Step by step you will find in the post Burgundy & Golden smokey eye.

    Blue & Purple - In this make-up I have used blue at the end of the eyelid and rosé / purple in the corner of the eye and around the flowers.

    Step by step on this you will find in the post Floral Midsummer makeup.

    I was a little shocked now when I searched through the posts and saw that I did not have the shade Mint in some of the make-up because it is the one I use the most! But then I realized that it is always the one I use on the days I do not do a blog make-up, then it will only be base, mascara, lipstick and then mint green glitter in the corner of the eye :) Simple and so nice!

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Oh these are soooooo nice! And again got some new tips on how to use glitter.
      Can't wait until I get my hands on these delights!

      Hug from Sister Tupu

    2. All your latest make-up is so beautiful! Love them where the base is neutral but something happens around the eyes. :) What base have you used for them by the way? Looks perfect.

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