Murder lizard

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    I am a very scared person, I am scared of heights, scared of the dark, incredibly scared of spiders and generally scared of insects and such.

    Then there are also some things that I do not know that I am afraid of until I end up in that situation, for example when I first jumped for joy when Miska bought a turtle "how guuuulligt !!! ” and then when it crawled towards me I ran and screamed haha!

    It's not that I think they'll hurt me in any way, my survival reflexes just start without me being able to control it. As if my brain is playing a prank on me. And I got another proof of that last night when there was a similar incident in our hotel room.

    I was going to brush my teeth in the bathroom when suddenly a 20 cm long lizard runs over the wall and into the back of the mirror! I flapped so my arms were flying off, screamed and ran out to Miska in the bedroom. Miska thought I had seen a killer spider before I had time to explain that we have a huge lizard in the bathroom!

    Miska goes in and sees nothing, because it is behind the mirror. And when he says he probably can't get the mirror off, I was just a few seconds away from starting to cry. "I will never go in there again, I would rather pee on myself !!!And after a while Miska manages to get rid of the mirror. I sit with the blanket over my head in bed when he comes out and laugh with this in my hand:

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    "How big was it you said ??"

    Haha, so at first I thought there was a mother lizard left in there but he looked through the whole bathroom and it was right behind the part of the mirror that I saw it run into, so it was this little crab that was no bigger than a half finger as I have seen.

    How could my brain turn this into a huge 20 centimeter killer lizard ???

    I had a bit of a hard time falling asleep later and jumped as soon as there was the slightest noise in the room, but it all ended well and I do not have to borrow the neighbors' bathroom either haha.

    Now we'll go out and enjoy the last full day here in Cape Verde, tomorrow we go home.

    Have a wonderful day nice you!

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