Towards Cape Verde !!!

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    Hello wonderful nice you! I'm in such a great mood right now because you know what? Miska and I are on our way to Cape Verde !!!

    We will be away for 2 weeks and I have been diligent and timed one make-up a day for you, which is a total of 15 make-ups! Surely I'm cruel? :) I probably did not take a single day off during the summer, so this should be so nice!

    I will try to publish a few more posts over there as well, some tips and the occasional holiday photo I will offer if you are curious? How much it will be depends a bit on how good the Internet we have there, which you never know in advance, in some hotels it is so tough that you can barely upload a picture. But it remains to be seen!

    In any case, the blog will not be completely empty, but the update will not be as intense as usual and above all I will not respond as often to comments. However, the webshop will roll on so it is possible to shop as usual! My sister Malin will handle the orders, so if the delivery time is not exactly as fast as usual you know why, but it will still be fast:)

    Now we sit at Arlanda and eat some breakfast, and very soon we jump on the plane! Here is our hotel located right by the sea:

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    Surely you get a little jealous ?? ; )

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