Nail polish

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Yesterday on so I wrote a little bit about that I thought about how to get rid of all the pearls from the nails, then I will stop fixing them at the salon. Now I'm in full swing and it's going pretty well actually! :)

I have invited Frida here for a cozy breakfast today, and now we are sitting here drinking coffee, talking shit and fixing our nails together. Super cozy!


My tactic is to first dissolve the nail polish with a remover (from Paese, smells delicious so Frida puts her nose in the bottle every now and then hehe). I have applied a little transparent nail polish myself to make the pearls last better. But the gel from the salon does not dissolve. Then I bite on all the beads until they come loose haha, and file the surface so that it is smooth and fine. It takes some time but works gallantly actually!

I only have 2 nails left then I will choose some nice nail polish! :)

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Have a nice Sunday nice you!

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