Natural bass makeup

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    I have received many questions about Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal (colored day cream with luster, spf 20 + concealer in the same product) since I showed it in a make-up this week, so I have continued to write a bit about it and now thought to make a little extra in-depth post!

    And I could not think of a better person than Frida to show pictures of, because she has a classic complexion that this one is perfect for:
    ♥ Relatively even skin tone basically
    ♥ Some scattered blemishes she wants to conjure away
    ♥ A little redness that can easily be removed with concealer
    ♥ Dry skin and wants a lot of radiance and glow in the skin
    ♥ Incredibly nice in a semi-opaque base, as she has freckles that are happy to shine through

    So now I have done a nice, natural bass make-up on her to show you! :)

    bass makeup-with-luster

    Fint va? :)
    illuminating-tint -_- concealer-no2-bare-glow-with-swatch_29may12-web_1

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    What is Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal?
    A real multitask product! A tube of colored day cream and a concealer inside the cork, which gives a natural and light semi-covering base all over the face and then you can easily cover small areas with the concealer.

    Because even if you have blemishes or difficult-to-cover areas, you do not need a comprehensive foundation for the entire face if you have a fairly even skin tone overall, but you get a much more natural result if you only cover the areas that are needed.

    Day cream - is incredibly moisturizing and contains, among other things, ginkgo extract which has improved the skin's blood circulation, vitamin C which revives tired and dull skin, and vitamin A which has anti-aging properties.
    Sun protection factor - Contains spf 20
    ♥ Highlighter - Thanks to light-reflecting pigments, it makes the skin radiate!
    Lightweight foundation - Provides a natural and light coverage
    ♥ Concealer - Conjures away dark circles under the eyes, blemishes and other irregularities.

    Also contains these caring ingredients:
    Ginseng extract 
    - Has anti-aging properties and evens out skin tone.
    Ginkgo extract - Anti-inflammatory, soothing and reduces redness of the skin.
    Extracts from Roman chamomile - Anti-inflammatory, wound healing and soothing.
    Extracts from Kamelia oleifera - Moisturizes the skin and makes it soft.


    Here you see all three shades, Light-Bare-Nude, both on the colored day cream and on the concealer next to it!

    Choice of shade
    The concealer is a little lighter than the cream, which is good because then you can use it to both cover irregularities and to lighten up dark areas. A concealer should therefore usually be a little lighter than your skin tone, so I would recommend choosing the lighter shade if you have difficulty choosing between two pieces.

    Otherwise, the colored day cream adapts very well to your skin tone as the coverage is quite weak, so it does not have to be exactly on the dot.

    Reddish people and people with light skin tone should choose the shade Light Glow.
    If you have fair skin, but are not in the pale direction at all, that is Bare Glow Good.
    If you have a darker skin tone or are basically light but tanned, so be it Nude Glow Good.

    Unfortunately, there are no shades for dark-skinned. I use Light Glow myself right now, but Frida who just had a little tan without sun used Bare Glow. You can be a little darker is Frida and still fit well in Bare Glow.

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    In this picture, Frida is completely unmade up.

    There is not much to think about before using the product, but I get a lot of questions about the use around makeup that I thought I would answer now :)

    It's a colored day cream, do I need a day cream then?
    If you just want a soothing and moisturizing day cream (properties that everyone needs), Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal is enough, but it is not available for different skin types, so if you want to treat the skin with a more focused skin care (e.g. against acne) so you should have a day cream underneath before using this. Then you can see this as a semi-comprehensive caring foundation.

    Can I use it as a night cream?
    I would not recommend it as a night cream, because it contains spf and according to dermatologists you should not have it on your face around the clock.

    Does it work for all skin types?
    Yes, I have oily skin and do not notice that the skin becomes more oily from it. But I supplement with other degrading products as it also does not have degrading properties. But it is moisturizing and gentle, and is suitable for dry, sensitive, normal and oily skin.

    If you are oily, on the other hand, you may think that you look extra shiny after a few hours when you have both luster and oil on your face (applies to all lustrous products, not just this one) so you can include that in the calculations. If you are looking for a full matte cashmere skin, this is not for you. But as long as you have degrading products and possibly. matte the skin during the day so there are no problems.

    Can you have face primer underneath?
    Yep! As long as it is not a primer that clogs the pores (because then the caring properties do not go down into the skin) although you should never have it so it is not strange. I use Paese Makeup Base Matte underneath, and then matting powder over, I get a base that stays matte and nice.


    And this is the result after Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal, completely without other products.

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    How to apply the day cream?
    I usually apply just like when I use a regular day cream, with my fingers and lubricate the whole face. If I do on customers, however, I use foundation brush and it works well too.

    How to apply the concealer?
    Dab directly with the concealer ball on the area you want to cover, and spread the color by dabbing out the concealer lightly with your fingertip. Can also be used with a brush if desired.

    Should you apply the cream or concealer first?
    It's a matter of taste, but I usually apply the cream first and the concealer later. Then you can more easily see what needs to be covered and how much concealer you need. In addition, it is easy to "lubricate" the concealer when applying the day cream, if the concealer is already applied then.


    And then you can finish with your usual makeup! But just this product is enough too, if you want to look unmade up (but rudely fresh) because because it becomes so natural, it does not look kinky - as it can do if you just put a full-covering foundation all over your face and then nothing more at all.

    In the picture above you see the result after contouring with Pixi Contour Creator, red Paese Powder Blush (35), and filling in the brows with Benecos Natural Brow Pencil (Brown.

    Do you need to fix with powder afterwards?
    No, it is not necessary, but I usually do it if you either want a slightly duller result, or if you have oily skin because then I apply powder for prevention.

    If you have a lot of concealer in a larger area (if you have many pimples close to each other, for example), I usually fix right there with a little powder. But otherwise you get a lasting result that is nice all day without fixing with more makeup.


    A happy Frida who was incredibly happy with the result! :)

    Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal costs SEK 369 and is available at

    If you wonder something that is not in the post, just shout ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! Really eager to try this! But I have a skin condition called Perioral Dermatitis and there is like no "cure" and you can react to all sorts of different and the only thing I can use is Jane irendale's BB-cream (pigs and can not be bought where I live) or la Roche posays BB-cream, which gets cakey and is destroyed by a drop of rain .. So I wonder if you know if Pixi works for people like me who have PD? (I know that Linda Hallberg also actually has PD ..) Or if you can order a sample? I have used nudh powder before, but it is also difficult to get even on me and I am also very bad at cleaning the brush which gives me a rash because I like to use it every day .. Thanks in advance :)

      • Hi Annie! Unfortunately, I have no experience with this particular product and PD, it is very mild in the formula, but when you have such extremely sensitive skin, it is always difficult to say without testing (for me who is not a dermatologist). But email us at then we will help with a sample for you :)

    2. Is there a package with only the day cream separately? I do not tolerate aloe vera that is in the concealer but would love to try the cream.

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