Neutrogena CC Cream

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    This week I got a press sample of some of Neutrogena's news for the summer, which is one of them CC Cream which in addition to evening out the skin tone also counteracts acne.

    I used Neutrogena's products in my teens when I had the most acne, and I experience in retrospect that they were probably too strong for my skin really. In any case, the cleaning (which is also a face mask) then you felt tight like a piece of paper in the face then haha. Gets easily so from products that are very focused on acne problems, must have soothing and gentle products that also work for oily skin.

    Anyway, this is what their CC Cream looks like:


    IMG_6307_111What is Neutrogena Correct & Perfect CC Cream?
    An oil-free cream that provides light coverage (not comprehensive) while helping to counteract acne and whitens marks and blemishes from previous pimples.

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    Comes in a practical 50 ml tube bottle, and is available in the two shades Light and Medium.

    neutrogena-cc-cream Shades
    Since CC Creamen is semi-opaque and adapts well to the skin tone, it is only available in two shades. For me, the light shade fits perfectly, but it is difficult to determine if it does so because it adapts well or if it is a "lucky hit".

    The formula is oil-free and feels creamy and smooth. Quite a bit and a small amount goes a long way.

    I have tried to apply it with my fingers, and it works great. I think it will be very good with a make-up brush as well. It was easy to get even and you can put on quite a lot without it looking cakey.

    The creamy feeling dries very quickly after application and gives a matte result, without looking flat, really nice I think! It has little tendency to highlight dry areas so I do not recommend it to you who have acne + dry skin.

    The coverage is, just as it says in the product description, not comprehensive but quite comprehensive, I must say. Pimples and where you are the reddest shine through a little but the whole is very even and fine and it removes a lot of the irregularities.

    It otherwise feels very good on the face, and stays well even on oily skin.

    Available at, among other places Apoteket Hjärtat and costs SEK 119 there.

    Summary - This is a product adapted for acne, and I often use semi-covering products for acne as well, but I do not have a concealer in the range because this product is adapted for pimples. Of course, pimples and blemishes are a little less visible, but they do not disappear completely without more coverage. Would have been more reasonable with either more coverage, or a concealer in the same series.

    But apart from those lines of thought, I actually think that this CC Creamen is very good! Nothing for people who are also a little dry in the skin, but for an even, natural and matte base, I absolutely think it holds the measure. And also feels very affordable!

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    Here you see the result before and after :)


    As for the cream's skin care properties, I can not comment, have only used it a few times.

    Hugs are! ♥


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