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    This is what it says in my summer horoscope:
    “On July 2, there are very good chances that you will sign an agreement or contract with a business partner. When the end of July comes, it's time for you to go down in circles regarding new ideas and projects. Invest in reworking or improving your social media profile, such as a website or blog. ”

    Today is the 2nd of July and you veeeeet you what I should go to Uppsala and do today ?! Write an agreement with a new business partner !!! How often does it happen like :)

    It's uncomfortable how good this is, I've been doing a lot of new stuff at the beginning of the summer, and now it's the final sprint for a few weeks before it, yes kind of at the end of July, gets quiet for a while. Then it will be very intense this autumn again.

    So heavenly sick :)


    Wish me luck today ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I really wish you good luck. You are so good, I found your blog a few years ago by chance and have since followed it. You can see that it is constantly progressing for you and you give such good tips and answer questions, unfortunately some do not. Then it's so fun that you come up with some videos, preferably a little more. It would have been fun to see when you make up someone who is like me 50+, just thought that we can have a little hanging eyelids.I know that you have made up and shown on the blog but preferably a video.I otherwise found on Youtube 1 year ago by chance 2 make-up blogs from 2 women from the US who are kind of my age. ,, what tips you get , just think about this with the eyelids and add nice shadows when you might be a little wrinkled. So there I have received a lot of tips, believe me. Wish you a nice summer, hugs :)

      • Thank you so much for your wonderful words, it warms! :) I have plans to bring up more tips for mature skin, fun that it is desired! I will get more help with the webshop in the future and will therefore have more time for more elaborate posts to both blog and youtube, so it will be super fun :) Have a great time now! Hug hug

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