New hair oil, same mistake

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    I have a new hair oil, and almost every time I try a new one I make the same mistake, I never learn, and yesterday it happened again!

    I get out of the shower, and have to apply the hair oil before I blow dry my hair:
    The first thought - "Oh what a light oil, it does not feel so oily at all, next to water! ”
    The second thought - "It is barely felt in the hair, it is sucked in immediately!"
    Third thoughts - "I'll take some more pumps"
    Eafter the hair dryer - "It might have been a little oily, but that will be sucked in during the night!"
    In front of the mirror this morning - "Wow, I look like a licked cat…"

    It's like my brain thinks all oils are water, as if it has to see the consequences of learning that it's an oily oil, this too haha. And now I do not know if I should shower again (I try to shower my hair as rarely as possible) or if it will be absorbed within a reasonable time anyway ..

    But despite my overuse in the hair, I think that the oil seems really good and wonderful, I have tested it on the body as well, so you will get a review of it soon :)

    This is what my hair looks like now:

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    hair oil

    Do not touch the computer screen!Said Miska when I tried to show a thing, "you are so heavenly oily ” sa han hahaha. Kind of like my whole self is a wandering pizza!

    Yes yes, I may have learned Next time anyway, hopefully :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi. Has also always taken oil in wet hair. It's easy to take too much. It is also the case that it is diluted. I always take in dry hair now. It sucks in better when the water is not in the "way"

      • Yes, but I like to do it more in wet hair, then it spreads better in the hair and it feels like it will be smoother then. I only have this problem the first time I test new oils, because I never think they are as oily as they are haha. But maybe get in dry hair next time it's a first time :)

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