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    As a makeup nerd, I become like a child in a candy store when I have new products in front of me, I kind of get an adrenaline rush and want to try everything now now now! :)

    And right now I have many new brands on g for the webshop, super fun! But as you know, I test everything myself properly before, and therefore always buy home test orders on the products, so that's why everything takes quite a long time.

    Yesterday I got home a fun package but lots of new stuff from an Italian brand (some of which I at first impression have fallen for pladask!) And after about 5 minutes my hands looked like this haha:


    When you can not test everything on the face at once, your hands can become makeup models! Anyone who recognize themselves?

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    In the picture you see everything from eyeliners, glitter, eye shadows and eyebrow pencils, wonderful!

    What wish you see more in the shop? Basic make-up, shadows, pencils? :) Please come with suggestions! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Do not really know what they are called but if I describe it as an eyebrow pencil in ink do you understand what I mean then? :)

    2. When I have a job, I will order a lot! I'm mostly interested in eye shadows, and the more lipsticks you have - the harder it will be to choose a shade later! Haha :) Eyeshadow primer would be good too. I'll arrange a new eyeliner. Had thought to try cake eyeliner but found my secret-how-old-is-it gel eyeliner o tried for the first time in many years, o it was so easy to make a thin line! : D So will probably try that instead of dip. Can you have a thin eyeliner brush for it or do you have to have a slash small brush for it to work? Thought it was a bit clumsy to make a wing with such a brush ^^.

      • It sounds great! : D I'm testing an eyeshadow primer right now actually, it looks promising but I dare not shout hello until I get across the river, but have used it in today's makeup :) Hahahaha, yes you feel a little illegal when you know that " I should have thrown this away a long time ago ”:) It depends a bit on the consistency of your gel eyeliner, some work with a regular eyeliner brush but most do not. You need a slightly harder tip / edge to get a smooth line, because a gel eyeliner is a little firmer in consistency. But there are gel eyeliners that are a little thinner as well and then it can work :)

        • Hope the primer works! And that it is matt .. Bought one for my mother and it has shimmer. She thinks it's great, but I prefer without because otherwise it will be glitter around the whole eyes, where you do not want it with.
          Sad is that this gel type is barely used, I got tired well or something. But okay .. Is there a big difference between gel eyeliner and cake? Will it be as smooth and thin with a brush (cake) as it is with gel and obliquely cut? Will you bring in something like that or just "ink"? I thought this gave a thin fine line without effort, and it's good for me so it does not cover my entire visible eyelids. :)

    3. Mascaror! I find it very difficult to find good, natural mascaras that last. Have one from Dr. Hauschka now who quite honestly sucks :( Impossible to paint with, folds and smells strong (think it's their volume mascara). Found one from Benecos in Denmark a few weekends ago waiting to be tried. At the same time Bought lip gloss from Benecos after I seen that you took it into the webshop and LOVE it! Has the color rosé: D

      • Cool! I have some natural mascaras on g actually, but have not tested any of them yet so we'll see :)

        I have tested both Dr. Hauschka's mascaras and as you say, the volume mascara does not measure up, so I took in their regular mascara, which I like a lot! However, it is a good everyday mascara if you do not want so much effect.

        I also sell Benecos and agree with you about the lip gloss, they are wonderful! However, I do not like their mascaras, they feel strong in some way and even ooze a little in the eyes! Painted only one eye and then I took another to the other eye haha. Hope you like them better because you have already bought :) So strange that a brand can have a lot that is great and then some things that are super bad.

        But that's what the idea is with my shop as well, to just bring in the good from all assortments :) Of course some things are a matter of taste as well, but you can never get away from that :) Hug you!

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