New Paese eye shadows!

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    Now Paese's new eye shadows are finally available to buy!

    I have partly taken in new trio eye shadows, both shimmery and matte, and in addition I have also taken in all the colors of the Kashmir shadows (single shadows) which I have previously only sold a few shades of :)

    So now there are three different kinds of trio palettes, Kashmir, Matte and Shimmer! I have sold cashmere before, while Matte and Shimmer are new.

    Kashmir is a full rug and has a soft and light texture, available in 6 colors.
    Matte is also matte but has a little more luster in it, available in 5 colors.
    Shimmer are various shimmery and glittery palettes, and some are almost metallic! Available in 10 colors.

    The cashmere shades are also available as single shadows, and now I sell all those shades too! :)

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    Untitled-111_11111 - copy

    Here are all the shimmery palettes! Superfina va? :) Available to buy here!

    paese-matte_1-text - copy

    And this is what the matte colors look like. Available for purchase here!

    paese-kashmir-mono-text - copy

    I have not photographed swatch on the Kashmir single shadows yet, but they are available for purchase here and more pictures coming soon! Helen Torsgården (Hiilen) has praised the black shade 602 in her post "carbon black budget”Where she recommends this particular Paese shade :)

    I show a swatch on the cashmere trio instead so you can see how pigmented and beautiful they are:

    kashmir-trio_111 - copy

    These are available as usual to buy here!

    All trio palettes cost SEK 79, and the single shadows cost only SEK 49! :)

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    Surely they are all wonderful? ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi, I'm wondering how it works with your web shop. Do you have the products at home or in a warehouse in another location? For example, if I were to buy via the website but want to pick them up from you ist because they are sent by post, would it work? A really weird question really, haha, but still wanted to ask: D thanks for a nice blog :)

      • Hey! It's absolutely no strange question :) I do not have the warehouse at home in the small apartment, but rent a room here in Gimo that I go to and pack all the orders every day :) And there are quite a few from the area around here who shop that way and pick up the products, then they get a discount code that gives free shipping and then we have email contact / facebook contact about what time they can come and pick up :) Hugs!

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