Podcast section - Corona, redundancies & reorganization

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    We have now published a new episode of Tommy's podcast Really effective, where I'm a sidekick! This section is about corona, redundancies & reorganization.

    Sofie Skaränger is visiting this spicy and nutritious episode! Sofie is the CEO and founder of the recruitment company jobb.se.

    It may sound depressing with corona, dismissals & reorganization, but the feeling when you listen to Sofie and Tommy is on the contrary very peppery and motivating. It is NOW many companies have the chance! Develop and reorganize, how do you do it? How do you lay off staff, how do you make the decision and do it even happen due to "soft values"? Why was Tommy himself fired before he became self-employed?

    And above all, make the best use of the time during this crisis and take the opportunity to review your business!

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    We talk about:

    • Terminations are always a current topic, but not least now in corona times. How to make the decision? What are the most common reasons?
    • How do you fire someone in the best way, both for the company and the employee?
    • Is it even possible, quite legally, to dismiss someone due to "soft values" when it is not so serious things like people embezzling the money or the like?
    • Why Tommy himself was fired from a really good job, before he became self-employed.
    • Do you find it difficult to find good staff? Now there are lots of incredibly competent people looking for jobs, take advantage!
    • If you ignore all crisis industries, many companies really have a chance to develop now! To review its business model and make a much-needed reorganization. How do you do it?

    Corona, redundancies & reorganization

    Tommy is also looking for a guest from another company for the upcoming podcast episode, to talk about this with developing the company and using the time right now in the crisis. What is the reason for that not do this right now when you have the opportunity, or what is the reason why you have started to do it? :)

    Email tommy@peragenda.se if you are interested in joining!

    Hugs are!

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