New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial (Glitter Makeup with Eyeliner)

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    Today's make-up is a New Year's make-up that I think many of you will feel good at, it is quite similar to an everyday make-up in principle but with details such as glitter, sharp eyeliner, extra lashes and colorful lips, it will be a perfect New Year's look!

    You look like a million dollarsSaid Miska to me when I was done :)

    Hope you like it too, I offer step by step too!

    The super nice lipstick is Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick in the shade Plum Desire.

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    1. Light eye shadow on the entire eyelid, Paese Diamond Eyeshadow (shade no.9)
    2. Brown eye shadow at the end of the eyelid and along the globe line, Paese Kashmir Trio Eyeshadow (shade no. 684)
    Fade the edges of the brown eyeshadow and apply it to the bottom of the lower lash line as well.
    4. Apply the light eye shadow in the corner of the eye and on the inside of the eyelid as well.
    5. White eyeliner along the waterline, Paese Eye Pencil White.
    Silver glitter on top of the light shadow, Hologram glitter attached with Mixing Liquid both from Make Up Store.
    6. Black eyeliner with wing, By Terry Ligne Blackstar.
    False eyelashes (half), Creative Make Up (salon in Uppsala)
    Black mascara on all lashes, Golden Rose Miracle Lash Mascara.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. you are so handsome that you almost die! this one I will easily try to do on New Year's! :)
      may have the computer next to it and read exactly as from a cookbook! hihi puss.

    2. What a nice make-up. Have a question for you regarding eye shadow.
      Have tried to add regular white electricity. shimmery shadow in the corner of the eye, but I do not think it shows anything.
      Is very light in the skin and has the lightest foundation, Loreal True Match W1.Have really tried to get it, but fails.Can mention that I have glasses, so as a rule I have a little darker shadows that I tone, think it is nice.But as I said a tip ang white eye shadow.Thanks for a good blog, a little more tuturials, miss it, hugs :)

      • My tip is to choose one with a lot of shimmer, because then it is visible even though it is as light as your skin. I love "Annika's Favorite Shadow" as you have probably seen in my make-up, it is more yellowish white than chalk white but I like that for many chalk whites can easily become greyish if you are not careful when you also make up with dark shadows. I also like Paese Diamond Eyeshadow which is also available on, the white shades give a metallic surface that looks very good! And if you prefer false eye shadows, Eco Minerals has a white eye shadow that is super nice too :) Hugs, hugs!

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