New Year's make-up for glasses

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I designed the golden New Year's make-up that I showed you the day before yesterday to also be able to show tips on how to think about making a party make-up for glasses. Perfect for New Year's Eve!

Then the make-up is purely "design-wise" not something you need for glasses, but it contains many details that you can think of for a make-up that makes the eyes look good even under sharp frames :)

The glasses I have used are a pair of wide, black frames, but you can use the same basic tips no matter what frames you have.


That I have changed lipstick between the pictures has nothing to do with the make-up tips, I only regretted the color choice when the eyes were ready :)

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Where under the arches are the eyes least visible?
Look at your eyes with the glasses on, and check which part of the eye is covered a lot by the frames. If you make a dark smokey eye that covers the entire eyelid and goes up high towards the eyebrow, the whole eyelid, arches and eyebrows will flow together and your eyes will be hidden behind it.

On me, these arches cover quite a lot of the eyelid, so I have put light and glitter on the eyelid to make that part visible and draw attention. And has not sooted the dark so high up that it ends up over the arch.

Where under the arches are the eyes most visible?
Check in the mirror again with the glasses on, where are the eyes most visible? There you can put more gunpowder on wide sweeping, dark tones, enlarge the gaze and fun details that "take place". Because there you can put on make-up on a larger area without it making any difference to the frames.

For my glasses, this is on the underside of the eyes. Therefore, I have enlarged the look with a light waterline, dark soot along the lower lash line and quite wide as well, and even pulled down the shadow a little extra in the outer corner of the eye for a fun detail that draws a little interest and focus to the eyes.


Highlight your eyes
There are more ways to highlight the eyes besides glitter and a magnifying gaze. For example:

Complementary colors - I have chosen gold because it emphasizes the blue in my eyes. You can also use complementary colors to emphasize other things, e.g. gold glitter on a blue make-up, blue or silver glitter on a brown make-up or a purple eyeliner on a green eye shadow.

Contrasts - Contrasts emphasize each other. If you only have light, only dark, only glitter, etc., not much happens in the make-up, but contrasts emphasize each other. So feel free to mix dark and light colors, glittery / shimmery and matte so the shadows emphasize each other :)


If you want to see the tutorial and which products I have used, as well as full pictures without glasses, then take a look at mine previous posts.

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Do not forget eyebrows & lips
If you can shape your eyebrows so that they protrude above the shape of the glasses or are visible in another way, it is a great idea. When the eyebrows blend in behind the arches, they disappear a bit.

A color on the lips to get some balance in the makeup and not have all the focus on the eyes is also very nice I think! Absolutely nothing must but a good idea if you do not want the glasses to take too much focus.

If you do not want anything on your lips, you can also smack with more blush so as not to have all the focus on the eyes :)


Summary - Make-up bright and preferably glittery where the glasses cover the eyes a lot, and apply the powder with soot, dark shadows and magnifying effects where there is more space in the frames. Feel free to choose colors and shadows that emphasize each other and create contrasts.

And remember that an eye makeup that feels like a real party party easily looks casual when you put on your glasses. So feel free to maximize with a lot of everything!

Hope you find the post informative and inspiring :)

Hug! ♥

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