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    As I said, I was at an event with IsaDora last week, and now I thought I would show you all the news a little closer :) We did not get exactly every product home, but most!

    There are two summer looks, one called Sunkissed (coming week 20) and one called Tropical Paradise (coming week 16). And so some other fun news:


    Sunkissed Bronzing Make-up 2016 gives a sun-kissed glow from head to toe, and is inspired by sun and sand. Really nice I think! Love the mix of bronze, gold and and orange / coral.


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    The Sunkissed collection consists of 4 bronzing products:

    Bronzing Shimmer Oil - An oil for both body, face and hair that gives the skin a golden glow. It is caring and contains oils from sunflower, sweet almond, olive, jojoba, hazelnut, macadamia and calendula, as well as vitamin C. Together, the product is very caring, moisturizing and emollient, while at the same time highlighting your tan. It has a scent that I find it extremely difficult to put my finger on and decide if I like it or not. It will be very shimmery in any case, and I think I would like to mix it with my regular lotion so that it does not become so much. But it's just good, then it lasts even longer :)

    2 pcs Face Sculptor Bronzer - IsaDora's popular contouring palettes come in two new colors, Natural Bronze and Medium Bronze. The palettes contain two matte bronzers and a shimmery one.

    Nude Cushion Bronzer - Cushion foundation has become an increasingly common novelty on the market, and now cushion bronzers are also being launched, which just like the foundation is a little pillow filled with bronzer. Have not tested this yet but will do so soon and come up with a closer review.


    The Sunkissed collection also includes makeup for lips, nails and eyes:

    Gloss Glacé - Two new lip gloss colors, Coral Glacé which is a nice coral color and Bronze Glacé which is a bronze color with a lot of luster.

    Wonder Nail - Nail polish in the two new colors Sunkissed (light champagne-colored) and Peach on the beach which is orange. Both varnishes shimmer nicely, and you can choose whether you apply one or two coats, but they only become complete after two coats.

    Eye Shadow Quartet - New color on IsaDora's popular 4 palettes with eye shadows. Two light, one orange / coral and one dark brown shade. Super nice!


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    Tropical Paradise was already released last week and contains:

    Twist-Up Gloss Stick - Three new colors, Peachy Pink, Paradise Punch and Fuchsia

    Wonder Nail - Four new nail polish colors, of which I have three of them. Papaya, Tropical Fuchsia and Paradise Punch can be seen above, and then there is also a new blue-purple shade called Papagayo Blue. All are comprehensive after just one layer :)

    Perfect Contour Kajal Waterproof - Soft eyeliner pencils in the colorful shades Tropical Blue and Tropical Green. I have so far only tested these on hand but they are very creamy and incredibly nice colors full of luster! And they sit like a charm too, were very difficult to wash off so you should have a good cleaning.

    Build-Up Mascara Extra Volume 100% Waterproof - Blue, waterproof mascara, so nice! You will see it in more detail in a post tomorrow. Volume that it promises, I do not know if I can agree with completely, but it also says in the product description that you can apply several layers and build up length and volume, and that is kind of what saves it. I usually never apply more than one layer of mascara, but it was needed with this one. The formula feels quite wet. But the end result will be great and that's what counts :)

    Eye Shadow Quartet - New shade on the 4-palette with eye shadows, Tropical Garden contains two light earthy shades, as well as a green and a blue. Perfect for you who like down-to-earth make-up with a little color click!


    Here you see a swatch on the two new eyeshadow palettes. Which is your favorite? I can not choose!

    And here you see the new nail polish too :) I love Tropical Fuchsia and Sunkissed ♥


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    IsaDora also launches new nail polish in a series called Jelly Pop! High-gloss pigment-rich colors, if you use a white lacquer underneath, they become even more popping, and if you use a silver shimmering lacquer underneath, you get a more radiant effect.

    Can show swatch on these soon, if you are curious? :)


    Last week, IsaDora also launched Twist-Up Lip Balm which is a great lip balm now for spring and summer, it has namely spf 15. It contains mostly castor oil but also extracts and oils from pomegranate, goji berries, propolis, cactus flower, sunflower, rapeseed, camellia , peach kernel and jojoba. It is 50% natural.

    It has a raspberry aroma but I probably would never have connected it to raspberries if I had not read it. Think it tastes almost like classic Lypsyl actually.

    The lip balm is transparent and feels soft and smooth on the lips :) Costs SEK 129.


    And last but not least, this summer also launches "Isadora Strobing" which are highlighter products that give the skin a fresh glow! Week 25 collections are launched exclusively at H&M, and week 28 it is launched in other stores. These seem so heavenly good!

    Face Sculptor Strobing - Palettes with three luminous highlighter shadows, a cold / light and a slightly warmer / darker.

    Strobing Fluid Highlighter - Liquid highlighter that can be used alone, on parts of the face or to mix in its foundation / skin cream. Comes in a cold / light tone, and a warmer / darker tone.

    Strobing Highlighting Stick - One of the few products that did not come home with us from the event was these highlighter sticks, and it was the one I was most hungry for! Seems super good really!

    Makeupbymattis has posted a film from the event with IsaDora if you are curious to see more of it, great fun! :) You will find the video here!

    Today I thought of doing a make-up with the Sunkissed collection that I will show shortly. If there is anything else you want me to show / review soon, shout out!

    Hugs are ♥

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