News from Pixi!

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    It's so fun to tell you about the news from Pixi that we have just included in the webshop! I have really longed :)

    One of the products is new to only us and not a completely new product - Pixi's most talked about product  Pixi Glow Tonic which we now have in the store! Woohooo!

    The other three news are brand new products and Limited Edition in collaboration with beauty profiles Maryam Maquillage and Judy Travis. I am absolutely LOVING this news!

    It's the duo brush Pixi Strobe & Sculpt Brush for contouring with a sculpt brush for shading and a strobe brush for highlighter. So this brush is GREAT! So good really :)

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    The other news are two incredibly stylish and useful palettes that I can almost bet that everyone interested in beauty will love. One is the eyeshadow palette Pixi Itseyetime with 12 eye shadows, both matte and shimmery shades in earthy tones. And the lipstick palette Pixi Itsliptime with 12 different lipsticks, all shades are so crazy good looking!

    Every time I mention Pixi to someone, about 90% of all people know which brand it is only because they have heard of this exfoliating toner. ”Yes I use their Glow Tonic!"Or"My friend is nagging about their toner" Lol.

    Pixi Glow Tonic is an exfoliating toner with an effective exfoliating effect that gives the skin a radiant glow! Contains 5% glycolic acid - the most popular AHA acid that exfoliates dead skin cells and gives the skin radiance. Glycolic acid is good for acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and dry skin. Also contains ginseng & fructose and is perfect for normal to dry, tired and aging skin, and no alcohol.

    Use morning or evening, moisten a cotton swab and wipe over the face. Do not wash off.

    It costs SEK 299 for 250 ml and is available for purchase here!

    Yes, but you look so nice! I love that it is both shimmery and matte shades, in many palettes it is either or but it is best to combine make-up with both matte and shimmer, I think, it creates more depth.

    The 3rd shade on the bottom row (from left) in the picture above is my favorite! So good looking! Matt marsala typ. Could almost buy the palette for just that shade haha. Tomorrow you will see a make-up with this palette and then I have, among other things, the marsala-colored, but have to do a make-up in just that tone as well, together with Demure on the lips. Mums!

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    Here you see a swatch on all the shades :) Which is your favorite?

    The eyeshadow palette costs SEK 369 and is available for purchase here!

    This fine creation ♥

    Having a palette for lipstick is not as flexible as a palette with eye shadows, because you want to improve on lipstick during the day if you have it from morning to evening. But on the other hand, these are really durable on the lips so you only need to improve after you have eaten, and in addition I have zero problems with improving the lipstick and pick up a whole palette from the handbag! :) So flashy anyway!

    Contains 12 shades with very many "lip color colors" as I usually call them, shades that are not pink, red or brown but something in between just like many people's natural lip color. It is so nice and perfect to match with each other even if you want to make a little ombre effect.

    The formula becomes matte on the lips and really durable!

    Contains among other things:
    Vitamin E. - Nourishes & protects the sensitive skin around the eyes
    Coconut Oil & Glycerin - Moisturizes
    Mica - A mineral that gives natural luster

    Choosing a favorite here is not easy, I can say, but you do not need it either because it is a palette :)

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    This palette costs SEK 369 and is available for purchase here!

    I have really missed a brush like this in the make-up bag, the perfect double brush for contouring, very flexible and this one is so good! The sculpt part is not round but a little narrower, which makes it easy to both emphasize the cheekbones and to sculpt the rest of the face. And the strobe part has a narrower top that easily applies highlighter on small areas (such as chin, brow bone, nose tip) and if you use it more from the side, it is perfect on the cheekbones and forehead.

    The straws are soft and smooth, the strobe part is fluffy to easily swipe on the highlighter and the sculpt part is a little more compact to be able to work more with the contouring shadows.

    The brush costs SEK 229 and is available for purchase here!

    We also have free shipping ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi Helena!
      I bought a palette eyeshadow but can not find any date on it.
      Usually standing on the jar or ashes? Same thing with hair dyes or lipsticks that were bought recently.
      Can't find a date at all.
      Can these palette boxes age? How about hair colors?

      • Hi Jasmin! There are rarely dates on products, however, it says how long the shelf life is after opened packaging. It is a picture of a cartoon jar and then it says a number that stands for the number of months. Can anyone find one now? But regardless, I always check, smell and feel the product before I throw it away, especially dry products such as eye shadows, because often such products last much longer than what is stated as long as you use them hygienically and store them in a good place. Mascaras and such products, however, should be replaced more often.

    2. I've been wondering a bit about Pixi and Paese.
      Many of the products in your webshop, and the ones you use in make-up, are natural. For example, GloMinerals, Benecos, YAG, etc. But Pixi and Paese are "dirty" products with harmful and endocrine disrupting substances. How come you sell and use them so much?

      • Hi Sofia! I love natural and organic products and have a requirement for all brands in our range that they must not be tested on animals, ie not sell in countries that test on animals. All products meet the legal requirements for all cosmetics, which includes, among other things, that it must be safe for human health, be correctly labeled and only have statements that are true. So everyone is safe to use. I try to keep a balance with natural and organic skin care (Sanctum and Botanicals), hair care without silicones (Hairology) and a lot of mineral makeup and natural ingredients, so that you are not soaked in silicones from head to toe (as many are) or have strong ingredients on a large part of the body. But also do not have "zero tolerance" for ingredients that are not natural, it is largely about the amount, you can not look at just one ingredient in a product to determine if the product is harmful, if you look at for example limonene in lemon it is among other things, it is very toxic to aquatic organisms with long-term effects. But it is not dangerous to eat lemon and throw it in the trash for it.

        But of course we work for an even greener business all the time, and I appreciate getting questions like yours!

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