Nivea Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle CC Cream

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    Nivea's skin care series Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle, I have seen lots of advertising for, and now also tested the cc cream in this series! :)

    I'm too young to put the wrinkle properties to the test, but as a cc cream I have tested it properly now since I got a press test on it several months ago, and thought I would give you my review today.


    Product description
    Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle CC Cream (Color Correction) Tinted Moisturizer is a tinted day cream that when used regularly can increase the skin's natural Q10 and creatine levels and counteract wrinkles. Nivea's Q10 CC-cream contains mineral pigments that give the skin a smoother appearance and blend in with your natural skin color. With SPF 15 and UVA protection to protect the face from sun wrinkles. Nivea's CC cream has a sheer finish that suits all skin tones.

    It is thus a colored day cream / cc-cream that evens out the skin tone at the same time as it counteracts wrinkles and also has a sun protection factor of 15. CC-creams usually have more coverage than a colored day cream, so I see the product more as a colored day cream for it does not provide much coverage at all.

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    The day cream is only available in a shade that should blend into the skin tone and suit everyone, but I tested this even before Turkey and then it went crazy too dark so I would recommend it to people who have light skin but not very light. So it's a bit of a shame. But now that I have a little tan, the shade works quite well but is still a bit dark actually.

    The texture is very light and creamy but at the same time just over, a little goes a long way. The first ingredient on the table of contents (the ingredient that comes first is the one that the product contains the most of) it is shea butter which is incredibly caring and good for the skin, so it gets a plus for that! At the same time, the cream feels a bit sticky and shiny on the skin, which is explained by the shea butter because shea butter is a rather oily ingredient. It does not enter the skin quickly.

    The recommended price is SEK 139, but it is available at for 119: -.


    The cream is a little, a little difficult to get even, I think, or difficult is perhaps the wrong word, but you have to work it into the skin to get an even result. Otherwise very easy to use.

    As you can see in the picture above, the cream gives minimal coverage, you hardly see any difference but there will be little difference. But the skin gets a nice glow and looks very fresh.

    Combined with other makeup
    Every time I have tested this cc cream, I will put on make-up afterwards, and then I always put on make-up with foundation to get more coverage and it rarely gets great. This cc cream is a little too oily for that, at least on my skin type. I can imagine that it can be nice if you have dry skin and want something creamy before a thin layer of mineral foundation, but otherwise I think more that it is a good colored day cream when you should not have more makeup on the skin. Good summer product!

    The cream has a pretty strong scent as well, which I'm not so much for.


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    What do you think? Just a little smoother skin tone, but a nice glow!


    Summary - It is probably very nice on a dry, mature skin that wants radiance and a little smoother skin tone on the purchase, and who should not have makeup over. The biggest downside is that it is only available in one shade because it results in many of you who read not even being able to use it even though you want to. In other words, I absolutely believe that people with the right conditions and desires for results will like this colored day cream very much, but it is not a cream that I recommend to everyone.

    Personally, I think it gives too little coverage to feel that I need the coverage at all, and is a little too oily in consistency as I prefer creams that go quickly into the skin + is easy to apply makeup over. But I am not the target group for which the cream is developed either :)

    Any of you who have tested this? What do you think? ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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