New - Bra Cosmetics Eye Primer

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    Now it's time to present another novelty, I finally sell an eyeshadow primer !!

    Eyeshadow primer is a product I really can not live without, and I'm also very picky, Lumene Eyeshadow Base and Nyx HD Eyeshadow Base are the only ones I have stuck to and I have tested very many.

    I have actually had the opportunity to sell eyeshadow primer before, but have not done so as I really have to stand for what I sell and have not previously found one that I think is 100% good. Among other things, I have said no to gloMinerals and Paese's eye primers as they did not appeal to me.

    But now (!) I have found a cruel eyeshadow primer that I love, and now it is available to buy at! :)

    It is BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Waterproof Eye Primer I'm talking about, the same brand as the new makeup brushes in the webshop. It's really awesome!1007_1

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    The primer is a waterproof eye primer that makes the eye shadows withstand much more moisture than with other primers. And the difference from not using primer at all is huge, but primer disappears the shadows almost immediately upon contact with water.

    The texture is thin, liquid, smooth and easy to apply - not at all sticky or sticky!

    Ingredients and properties:
    Chemsil K-51 - Provides water-repellent effect
    Vitamin A & E - Nourishes and protects the skin
    Allergy friendly
    Hygienic pump bottle
    Dryg formula

    (The pump bottle must be pumped quite a few times before you get the primer out) 

    primer comparison

    Since I have promoted Lumene and NYX so much in the webshop, it does not feel more than right to compare these three products :) In the picture you can clearly see how the eye shadows are with different primers underneath.

    The result with all three primers will be good, but I like BH Cosmetics the most thanks to these properties:

    * The texture is something in between Lumene's thick texture and NYX which is thin and almost a little wet. BH Cosmetics is creamy like Lumene but thin like NYX.
    * BH Cosmetics glides on the skin as easily as NYX, but the edges become easier to fade.
    * BH Cosmetics does not have time to week so much when you blink before applying the eye shadows, which both NYX and Lumene do more. So it makes it easier when you put on make-up!


    Here you see a close-up of BH Cosmetics primer :)

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    I did an extreme durability test on my hand, you can see the result above! If you rub even more on BH Cosmetics, it will also be erased, but it requires more than the other brands.

    That said, two thumbs up for this eyeshadow primer !!

    It costs SEK 129 and I have very few in stock right now so hurry up before they run out (I will make a new order but it may unfortunately take a few weeks it looks like now).

    click here to shop!

    eye shadow primer

    Finally, I offer two make-ups where I have used this eyeshadow primer :)


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hello

      Do you have tips on good not too expensive under eye primer for us with a little creases and wrinkles? Or can you use eye tooth primer with good results? And preferably tips on good concealer that really hides dark circles and does not fold in :)

    2. Have also longed for bras' make-up online but thought the shipping would be too expensive. Great that you take in their products! There are so many eyeshadow palettes that would be fun to try :-) Just have to say I love your blog! Gets so much inspiration.

    3. Exciting, got the urge to test this when my current primer is over;)
      Are you going to take in some of the bra cosmetics eye shadows?
      They have such a huge variety of colors. Have been wanting to test for a long time now, but think it feels a bit tricky and expensive to order from their own website here to Sweden.

      By the way, thanks for a great blog! Followed for a long time now, never commented before but felt it was time now;)

      • Yes, that's the idea anyway, there will be more from all brands during the autumn! The crux of bra cosmetics, however, is that not everything they sell is available for retailers. So everything that is on their webshop is not available for me to buy at home. If you have looked at any special palette, I can not promise that I will start selling it. But what fun that you are interested :)

        Oh how funny that you like the blog !! And even more fun that you have started commenting as well, keep it up :) Kraam!

    4. Oh, this one sounded very interesting! I have a hard time finding good primers and have stuck with Lumene. However, mine is old and needs to be replaced, maybe should test this =)

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