Vegan Makeup Brushes - Nanshy Kabuki Brush!

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    I have sold a lot of different make-up brushes on, and even though all I have sold / sold are great, they have not felt so cohesive with each other, very mixed sets, etc.

    So I have been looking and looking for the perfect brand that has all! And after a lot of searching and a lot of testing among different brands, I have finally found the right one! So much fun! :)

    The brand I am talking about is the English brand Nanshy which manufactures vegan makeup brushes in synthetic hair. They are smooth and soft as small clouds!

    Many of you have requested a good kabuki brush (Yag minerals have been out of stock at the manufacturer for a very long time and will continue to be so for a while) so I started by bringing in just one from Nanshy :)

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    The rest of the brushes from Nanshy are on g soon. All their brushes are just as good!

    Nanshy's kabuki brush is really wonderful! It is compact and absolutely wonderfully soft against the face, and works the make-up into the skin very well. Perfect for applying mineral foundation!

    It costs SEK 149 HERE :)

    Having a good kabuki brush for your mineral foundation is very important. My sister used one from the Une brand for quite some time when she started with Yag minerals foundation, and when she bought a new brush from me, she said "I was happy before but now it feels like a whole new foundation! What a difference!“There you see that it can differ a lot depending on the brush you use.

    Two big thumbs up get this brush from me! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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    1. Oh how happy I am! Have been looking at these brushes from Nanshy for a while now but have not struck and bought due to shipping cost. Looking forward to seeing more of the range! :)

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