Novelty! Napkin cubes for Kleenex

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    There are three recurring posts that I often get emails and questions about, although I wrote them all several years ago.

    One is when I wrote how I bleach my hair myself at home, the other when I show my makeup mirror, and the third is where my nice napkin cube comes from which is next to the makeup mirror in that post :)

    Annika has been selling these napkin cubes at Creative Make Up for several years. They are incomparably practical AND very nice to have next to the make-up mirror, and in the bathroom, and in the kitchen, yes everywhere in the home really!

    And you know what? Now these are on!


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    The variants that are available are a transparent, a black and a transparent that is a little larger.

    kub-plexi_111 copy

    cube-black_111 copy

    Kleenex Cube Transparent and Kleenex Cube Black are the smaller holders, and contain soft, light paper and perfect for example next to the make-up mirror and in the bathroom. Or one in each room haha :) We have these type everywhere in the salon!

    Costs SEK 399, napkins are included and then you can buy them refill for SEK 29.

    kub-stor_111 copy

    Kleenex Cube Large is larger and contains slightly larger and coarser napkins, which are perfect in the kitchen, on the kitchen table, in the bathroom, etc. Perfect to dry your hands on, among other things. And think so smartly this summer when eating out, displaying such a nice holder instead of either boring kitchen paper or ordinary patterned napkins.

    Before, I always had a small napkin cube next to the makeup mirror, but now that I have a larger makeup mirror, I also have a large Kleenex holder;)

    Costs SEK 599, napkins are included and then you can buy them refill for SEK 49.

    IMG_7885_111Fint va? :)

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    And to get a little idea of the size, you get a picture of when I hold the small cube as well :) The larger kleenex holder is just a little higher and wider, but above all much longer.

    As you said, you will find everything

    Shout out if you have any questions! ♥

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