Perfect Pink Lipstick - Green Lipstick!

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    Santhilea - the brand of our best-selling mascara Magnetic Lash, has only had mascara in the range and has now expanded with the perfect pink lipstick. Unlike many brands that focus on all products in makeup, Santhilea has put all the gunpowder on a single product - the perfect mascara. You can read my post about the mascara here.

    The mascara has become a success, which was the start of their next mission - the perfect pink lipstick!

    When I first heard that they would launch lipsticks, I first thought it sounded a bit sad, when their mascara is so innovative and special, a series of lipsticks felt a little too normal. I talked to Santhilea myself about 2 years ago when they were going to start with this and it has really taken a long time for development. BUT Santhilea also managed to amaze me when I got the details at the launch, it's not about a series of lipsticks but about a single lipstick! :) Real Rebel - Color Perfect.

    Check out the color of this:

    real rebel lipstick

    GREEN! Whaaaaat… green not many people will want it, was my first thought before I read on.

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    So corner, so this is a green lipstick that will be the perfect tone for your lips! It is green in the sleeve, but on the lips it will be a reddish-pink tone and it will be different on everyone!

    I have tested the perfect pink lipstick on a lot of people now, and on almost everyone the tone goes in the pink direction but it can really differ a lot from person to person, so fun :) I personally get very pink lips, more than most because I have my lip tattoo underneath too.

    real rebel lipstick

    How does a green lipstick work?

    It was a mixture of ecstasy, shock and many skeptical thoughts when I tested the lipstick for the first time, before I read about it to know how it really works. The packaging says "works with your own body chemistry", but I have received a more detailed answer from Santhilea and now thought to explain to you in detail how the perfect pink lipstick works :)

    It is not just an ingredient, but a combination of factors such as pH value, heat and blue and yellow pigments that highlight your natural lip color and make it more intense and clear.

    1. The pH value on the skin gives the lipstick a clear color
    2. Blue & yellow pigment (together green) dulls the red and orange tones of the lip for a deeper shade.
    3. The waxes in the lipstick reacts with heat and makes the pigments gradually stronger, which makes the lipstick last longer.
    4. Thin formula which does not completely cover but lets your natural lip color shine through.

    green lipstick real rebel

    How did the idea come about?

    The design came in the search for the perfect, natural lip shade that stays on the lips and is caring.


    The perfect lipstick not only gives a nice color but is also incredibly caring for the lips. Contains shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax and jojoba oil. It is creamy and incredibly soft and smooth. The first thing basically everyone says when you apply it is "it feels very nice".


    The color is different on different people, and even though lip colors are a matter of taste, I experience that everyone is very happy with the tone! The perfect pink lipsticks have gone like butter at the salon / at our customer event when people get to see how nice color the lips get. And although we took home many in the first order, we had to order more before we even had time to launch in the webshop.

    Use & results

    Apply a thin layer on the lips, and immediately a nice tone starts to creep up and after about 1 minute you have a perfect color on the lips.

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    Of creamy lipsticks, this is without a doubt the one I have tested that fits best on the lips! If you compare creamy with matt, matt always wins in durability, but this may be the exception that competes with the matt products. I tested it on a customer around 12 o'clock at the salon, and after a week or so she bought it and said "it stayed until I went to bed!".

    As I said, the durability is better thanks to the formula reacting to heat, so when some of the cream disappears during the day, the pigment also becomes more colorful, which compensates.

    In addition, I experience that the pigment adheres a little to the skin, so I who do not usually have to think about scrubbing extra on the lips when I wash my face saw that the cotton with the toner turned a little pink when I pulled it over the lips, because even though I had washed off the makeup so there was still pink pigment left!

    perfect pink lipstick

    As I said, I get a very bright pink color that I love! But I am "collecting photos" on different lips with the lipstick and I will soon show a collage with how different it can look :)

    For now, I can recommend this article from Cosmopolitan, where they have taken before and after pictures of 10 lips!


    Image source


    Image source

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    Image source

    perfect pink lipstick

    Nice huh? Glossy and nice! I have applied quite a lot here, but you can also apply a thinner layer for a milder, duller effect. Or apply and "bite off" on a piece of paper.

    perfect pink lipstick

    Two big thumbs up for this news, both by me, by the makeup artists at the salon and already by several customers from Uppsala! Hope you liked the post and the pictures about Real Rebel, the perfect pink lipstick! :)

    Available for purchase at and costs SEK 199.

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