Nudh minerals foundation jars

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    One thing I completely forgot to say about nudh minerals foundation, is that it is a smaller jar than regular foundation jars. So it sounds a little cheaper than it is when it costs SEK 199.

    But it is very well thought out! :)

    On the one hand, you should be able to have the entire nudh series without having to have a large toiletry bag, if I compare with, for example, Lily Lolo, their cans are huge, if you then have both foundation, concealer, powder, blush and sun powder, then take it up the whole make-up bag, if it even fits.

    You should also be able to buy nudh even if you do not put on make-up every day. If you buy a large jar for SEK 500 and do not use it out, it is not particularly hygienic or economical. Sad if an expensive foundation has to stand and get old.

    This is especially true if you have an easy time getting tanned in the summer, or go abroad, and must have two different shades for a year.

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    We can compare with Bare Minerals, as it is one of the most common mineral brands. Their foundation jars contain 6 grams, and cost about SEK 475. (Source, Nudh mineral contains 3 grams and costs SEK 199.

    So if you buy two cans of nudh, it's still a little cheaper than Bare. And it is perfect if you then have a winter color and a summer color! Or if man like I did in yesterday's post on MM, put a lighter foundation in the middle of the face and my real color in the rest of the face, for a natural shading / highlighter!

    This is the size of the nudh jars. And my hand is normal size hehe :)


    Then I also read about why Many mineral brands use bismuth, which I quickly wrote about in this post not long ago, as many people get allergic reactions from it.

    Bismuth is a kind of filler that expands the powder. In addition, it weighs more, and thus makes the product heavier so that you do not have to fill the jars as much.

    Bare Minerals unfortunately contains Bismuth, so just because their foundation jar weighs twice as much as nudh (which does not contain Bismuth) so need it does not mean that it is twice as much powder.

    I think that tables of contents should be both in grams and milliliters so that you can compare properly!

    Do you not agree with me? :)

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