New skin care - Exuviance

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    When you change skin care, you should not be afraid and stop using the products if the skin gets worse the first time.

    This is because the skin adjusts, and acne and the like that should have come in the next few weeks come at once instead. But then the skin gets good again, and hopefully even better than before.

    I have now started with a complete series, which will help me with my oily skin. Really hope for good results, will give you updates from time to time!

    The brand is called Exuviance and I have read and heard very positively about it. It will rejuvenate the skin by dissolving dead skin cells so that the new ones can emerge, while at the same time adding plenty of moisture. You then get a finer complexion with much more radiance.

    There are a variety of products for different types of skin, so that each person can tailor their own kit that fits perfectly. My products are adapted for oily and combination skin.

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    As these products renew the skin and cleanse old skin cells, you can flake off the first two weeks! In other words, I can expect quite a good complexion for a while before the face gets used to it. Pimpy and flaky :)



    It felt so heavenly good to remove all the old bottles from the bathroom shelf and put them there instead.

    I have two different cleansers, a face mask, a toner, a day cream and a soothing gel that is applied before the make-up so that the skin does not become as oily during the day.


    I get this oily in just four hours. Photographed yesterday after wearing the make-up for a whole day, but powdered the whole face continuously during the day, after which the last powdering was 4 hours before the picture was taken.

    Like a pizza!

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    Helena Amiley
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