How to avoid eye shadow under the eyes (New Year's tips)

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    There is a simple trick to avoid eye shadow under the eyes, now before New Year's Eve when many people plan dark, glittery make-up, it is extra important and worth mentioning again!

    No matter how careful you are, it is almost impossible not to get glitter under your eyes while applying makeup. Glitter is not only very volatile, but it sticks very easily everywhere and once you have glitter in the rest of the face where it should not be, it is very difficult to get rid of everything.

    Therefore, apply a thick layer of loose powder under the eyes, then the glitter and the dark shadows settle in the powder instead and when you brush off the powder, all that comes with it and you have a spotless foundation when you are done!

    When I handle glitter, I usually exaggerate a little more with the powder, precisely because it has a tendency to fly around so much. Then I also powder my nose, under the nose and further down the cheeks.

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    I use Max Factors Loose Powder to this. Many jars have a strainer and then you have to struggle a bit to get so much powder. Max Factor has a different type of strainer that is loose, and is very easy to lift off. Then it is easy both when you need a lot and a little loose powder.

    A piece of paper works well to hold under as well, but I often experience that glitter has a tendency to sneak under anyway, then loose powder works better!

    Hug hug!



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