NYX Macaron Lippie Review (Purple lips)

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    As you saw in yesterday's make - up, I have finally tested NYX super fine lipsticks Macaron Lippie available in lots of unusual colors such as yellow, green, turquoise, gray and blue. I have only tested the shade Lavender which is a light lavender purple shade, incredibly nice! Also unusual but not as daring as e.g. green :)


    Nice, is not it?


    The texture is semi-matte and creamy, and very very pigment-rich even though it is so light. It will be comprehensive and very nice on the lips!

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    It is not super durable though, the creamy texture disappears easily on the inside of the lips closest to the mouth, which is clearly visible because the color is so light compared to the natural lip color. But on the rest of the lips it sits like a regular lipstick. And it's worth having to improve too, when it's such a cool color;)

    I who have tattooed quite far outside the lips must do an ombre effect to darken a little on the skin that is outside the lips. Because the shade is so light, the shadow from my natural contour is very clear otherwise. But it will be incredibly beautiful and I love the shade!


    Summary - An incredibly pigment-rich and beautiful lipstick, which feels creamy and smooth on the lips and is very comfortable. Would have liked a little better durability on the inside of the lips, otherwise incredibly satisfied!

    I received a press release on this pin a few weeks ago, and this is not the last time you get to see this in the blog, I can say;)

    Hugs are! ♥

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