NYX Wonder Pencil

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I want to tell you about a product that I have started to use a lot, and it is NYX Wonder Pencil which is a light eyeliner pen that has several different uses.

I use it mainly as a highlighter, because you can easily create sharp lines while it lights up nicely and it is perfect when you want to emphasize both eyebrows and lips!

The lips are highlighted more and look more plump, and the eyebrows get a clearer and cleaner shape.

Picture 1

The pen has a light and creamy consistency that is easy to fade out, costs SEK 65 on e.g. Nordicfeel.se!

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Picture 2

Here is a pre-image before the pen!

picture 3

Paint with the pencil on the sides of the lips and under the eyebrows.

picture 4

Fade the edges.

picture 5

Add a little foundation to the fade if the color becomes too light, and finish with a nice lip color!

picture 6

This is how nice it will be with nude-colored lips too!

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Hugs are!

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