Eyebrow kit from Tweezerman

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    I had to put a hyphen in the title because otherwise you automatically read eyebrow shit and it becomes completely misleading, because I really like the brow products I am going to review now! :)

    Tweezerman Mini Brow Rescue Kit is an eyebrow kit with four different eyebrow products, perfect for getting that little extra for the eyebrows! Super good both for himself and as a gift for someone who likes to tinker with their eyebrows (or for someone who should hehe).

    Tweezerman is a brand that feels professional, I think, it is noticeable that it is quality!

    The kit contains tweezers, brow brush, brow and a highlighter for the brow bone.

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    What I like most about the products is that they are all great and work as they should! Otherwise, when you buy a kit, there are almost always one or more things that are unnecessary, and then it does not feel worth the money.

    The kit is quite small so it is also good for those who want the products to take up little space, and the top when traveling too!

    In addition, I like that the kit does not contain anything that you fill in the brows with, ie pencil, shadow or the like, because it can be good to buy it on the side so you can choose the brand, color and type of product yourself. And you may not want it in mini format either.

    The tweezers are pink and super nice !! I love it, it is reasonably sharp and very easy to pick the straws with. I am very picky about tweezers but this one gets approved by me!

    However, not good for those who want "stable" and solid tools, because it is smaller than a classic tweezers. But I have neither big nor small hands and think that it works great to work with even though it is small.

    And apart from the fact that the color is nice, I also want to give a thumbs up because it is a color that is visible! The tweezers always end up at the bottom of the make-up bag, and a visible tweezers is kind of a must for me if it is not to take as long to find the tweezers as it does to pick the eyebrows later haha.

    This highlighter pen does not directly have an enlightening effect, which is good because then it suits most skin tones. But it gives an incredibly nice luster to the brow bone which is highlighted very nicely!

    If you apply a lot, it will be almost a glossy effect, but you can also take a little less for a more discreet result.

    When you have fixed your eyebrows and want them to stay in place all day, you can easily brush in this brow! Exactly how good the durability is on this is a little difficult for me to say as I cut my straws so much so they are always in place anyway.

    But it feels reasonably hard on the straws, some gels get too hard or too sticky, but this one is good! And I have tested it on the hair on the arm and there it seems that the durability is very good too :)

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    Finally, a spiral brush is the best for brushing the eyebrows in place, I think, and this one is perfectly small and just right to be able to brush the straws easily! It can come with me to work tomorrow.

    The only thing I miss in the kit is a good eyebrow scissors! Then you would have had everything you need, just to supplement with the eyebrow product you prefer to fill in the eyebrows with :)

    Have you tried anything from Tweezerman?

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