Oily skin (Products for oily skin)

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    Tilda sa…
    hi, I'm a girl who has problems with pimples and oily skin, I put on make-up at 7 and at 8 the make-up is gone at school. goes and looks at me in the mirror and everything looks cakey and cracked, and the pimples shine through because the make-up has gone away.

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    There are many different tricks to try, it is important to find what suits you best :)

    Face wash:
    Try not to wash your face with water, water dries out and can then give even more oily skin!

    If you still feel that you would rather wash with water, then I can recommend Lactacyd soap that is available at regular grocery stores! It restores the PH balance and I notice a big difference in how oily the skin becomes.

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    I use eye makeup remover from H&M, a jar with oily pads for SEK 39.
    I only use this for the eyes!

    Then I use L'Oréals makeup remover (on a cotton ball) to the rest of the face.

    I finish with an oil-free face lotion from Neutrogena!

    Then it is good basic make-up that applies. You can prioritize here if you have some money, the basic make-up is the most important thing for the whole make-up to look good. Then you can choose cheap eye shadows etc :)


    The Foundation that works best for oily skin is Pür Minerals Liquid Foundation.
    Gives a natural and opaque result, which is kept matte.

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    But do you really want coverage on their pimples so I recommend GloMinerals Pressed Base Foundation! Have not tested any Foundation that covers so well!


    The ultimate is to have Pür Minerals all over your face first, and then cover extra on the pimples with gloMinerals.

    To then always have one powder on hand during the day is to be recommended! GloMinerals Perfecting Powder is what I like most, but it's on the same page (creativemakeup.se) one budget pillows which is also transparent and good! The discount code works on the entire purchase

    Hope you are happy with the answer, and good luck with everything!


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