Oil he?

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    I have only since I came into adolescence had very fat skin. Before that too when I think about it, I got my first pimple in the 3rd. Then it just went downhill, haha.
    I don't have problems with pimples anymore, but already an hour after I put on my make-up, my face becomes oily. Looks like a great pizza!
    But I'm starting to get control of it actually. It was 3 hours since I put on make-up, I have toiled in the dining room with evening coffee for everyone at the boarding school, and now I am almost not shiny at all!
    It is not even as cumbersome as you think, no expensive luxury items are required.

    Washes face with Lactacyd.
    It is a soap that is usually associated with intimate washing I think? It contains substances that the body itself produces and restores the PH value in the skin.
    Use it morning and evening. Notices a difference after about a week.
    Available for purchase at most grocery stores such as ICA and Coop.

    After that I lubricate my face with Neutrogena Visible Clear Oil-Free Moisturizer. Have used it for several years, terribly nice! The skin feels like a mixture of hot and cold, if you understand what I mean?
    Available for purchase at Apoteket
    Then before I put on my make-up, I apply a thin layer Lumene Mattifying Primer. It both keeps the skin matte and makes the makeup fit well all day. Is also good as a primer under the eye shadow.
    Available for purchase at Kicks, for example.
    Foundation pillows I highly recommend! It covers as well as liquid, but you do not get shiny as quickly. This makes it so much faster to apply as well.
    And you do not have to be as careful with cleaning brushes, makeup sponges or whatever you prefer for your liquid foundation. So + for hygiene too!
    My foundation powder + brush is from LilyLolo. The color is called Balery Buff, and has a yellow undertone that suits me well, which is blushing red in the face.
    Available to buy for SEK 250 at e.g. Eleven.se. A bit expensive for me really, there are certainly cheaper brands that are almost as good but have not dared to try.
    Do you have any other good tips?
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