Uneven eyebrows

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    Now I will write a post that a year ago I had never thought of writing, because I did not reflect on this myself until I started working on Creative Makeup where I pluck an incredible number of eyebrows.

    It all struck me one day when my brow customer looked in the mirror when I had finished picking and said "but they are not quite the same, one brow is higher than the other”. I looked closely at the eyebrows and really did not see what she saw "they are completely even I think”. She looked in the mirror again and held on to her case. I was almost afraid that I had completely lost sight of symmetry. ”Can't you point out what you think is uneven?I suggested, and then I saw it!

    It was not all about uneven eyebrows, it was about a detail you rarely reflect on yourself - that most of us have a specific mirror-mine that you do automatically when you look in the mirror or get photographed. My client then raised her eyebrows a bit, and when she did, the eyebrows became different. ”Relax your forehead"I said and got the answer"oh now they became the same" Lol :)

    Same with another person who tattooed his eyebrows at Annika who said "do you see that they are different?"Which I did not do. She said that it is very visible on cards and showed a selfie, and yes then they were very different. I explained this with pose-mines and then it was like a revelation to her haha. She had botox in her forehead before and said that then they became the same - but it was probably just so that she could not lift the eyebrows in the same way with the botox, and not so that the botox itself made the eyebrows more equal :)

    My point is

    You who fix your eyebrows yourself, keep this in mind! If you raise your eyebrows and pick a nice shape after that, it can look really crazy when you walk around relaxed later. Relax your forehead and it will be much better ♥

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    Feel free to read my post about that pick different eyebrow shapes. :)

    Uneven eyebrows

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hello
      Jag gjorde 3d tatuerade ögonbryn i måndags. Mallen hon ritade upp på mina ögonbryn var perfekta och passade mig. Tyvärr blev ögonbrynen inte som mallen! De är ojämna och jag får skämmas ihjäl. Man förväntar ju sig att ögonbrynen ska bli symmetriska för annars kan man ju fortsätta måla dem själv.
      Nu får jag inte tag på hon som gjorde mina ögonbryn.

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