Olaplex treatment - miracle treatment that repairs the hair!

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    Have you heard of Olaplex treatment? I was a little skeptical about it at first, because what sounds too good to be true is usually so, but hey I got it!

    A perfect afterwork is for a beauty nerd like me not a glass of wine in the sun, but last week Annika and I (at Creative Makeup) ended the working day with a hair treatment at the hair salon Aesthetics in Uppsala. It was wonderful! :)

    Olaplex treatment is a hair treatment that can be used either on an already damaged hair, or for preventive purposes in e.g. a bleaching when you pour in Olaplex in the bleaching itself. It is often said that it is not possible to repair damaged hair, but that is exactly what this treatment does, Olaplex repairs the bonds in the hair shaft with the help of a certain molecule (I think the details around the recipe are secret) and the hair quality is immediately much better !

    In other words, one can bleach a hair several shades lighter with the help of Olaplex, without the quality getting worse. And if you already have bleached or heat-damaged hair, you can use Olaplex as a repair treatment that repairs the damage to the hair shaft.

    olaplex treatment

    The treatment consists of two steps at the hairdresser, and then you get a small bottle to take home in the shower once a week for an even better result.

    This is how an Olaplex treatment works:

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    1. Olaplex No. 1 Bond Multiplier applied in the hair color if you are going to dye / bleach the hair, or directly in the hair if you do it as a hair treatment. It is as liquid as water. This should work for at least 10 minutes (I think we sat in the salon for a quarter of an hour), but if you bleach or dye, it works for as long as needed.

    2. Olaplex No. 2 Bond Perfector contains the same active ingredients as the first treatment, but is cream-based. It is applied immediately after rinsing from the first treatment and should work for at least 10 minutes, but it is only good if it is allowed to sit a little longer, especially on long hair.

    3. The hair is rinsed and finished with shampoo and conditioner.

    4. Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector is a bottle you bring home that is used once a week (in towel-dried hair, before shampoo and conditioner). It prolongs the life of the hair color and makes the hair even stronger and healthier. Contains the same active substance as in the treatment at the salon.

    olaplex treatment hair

    My result:

    I have never had such soft and smooth hair in my whole life, my hair feels airy and smooth like silk! It has a lot more shine and life, and feels good in every way! In just a week I will go to Monica Werner at Frisörerna and make a small transformation and this is a perfect preparation for it :)

    I do not have a problem hair directly but I can really imagine that you who have problems with frizz and really damaged hair will see big difference too.

    After a few days, the extremely soft feeling disappears, but it probably depends on all my products I have in. The first time I showered, I did not have in the finishing and then the hair felt crazy soft again anyway! And it is not a treatment that must be maintained in that way, but the bonds that are repaired are permanent. Then the hair gets worn over time again, and then it can be good to repeat the treatment.

    But yesterday I had in the finishing and let it work for probably a whole hour (lay in the bathtub) and the hair is sooo smooth and soft today! Almost too soft and airy to lie nicely haha. Love it! And it is not soft because there are silicones left on the straws or the like, because the treatment is free of silicones and such ingredients.

    olaplex at home

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    Here is a picture borrowed from Aesthetics facebook page, a bleaching done with Olaplex. Nice! The hairdresser Hadba who did the treatment on me and Annika has black hair and was bleaching curls on herself at the same time (to put Olaplex to the test) she bleached her hair very light and yet the quality was just as good! Fantastic! :)

    So a hairdresser who works with Olaplex is definitely recommended for you who want to be bright for the summer! I do not remember exactly so I can say completely wrong now (and it probably depends on which salon you go to as well) but I have in mind that a dyeing with Olaplex costs 700 kroner extra or something like that.

    On Olaplex website then you can search for which salons near you that do this. But I did it as I said at Hadba at Estetica (the beautiful Salagatan in Uppsala).

    Have any of you tested Olaplex? What did you think? :)

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    1. I had deep red pigments that I never got rid of after bleaching and using silver shampoo for ages. Went to the salon in the end .. I first wanted to get rid of the red / orange in the hair that never disappeared and then become light .. Wanted to be dark blonde on top and do balyage with much lighter tops .. This meant bleaching, lots of bleaching and toning on my already slightly frizzy and discolored hair .. I chose to use olaplex throughout this color-changing process and have to admit .. You were skeptical but it works without a doubt. After the salon visit, I have now used olaplex no 3 once so far at home. My hair has never been in better condition, and this is completely without exaggeration. Recommended.

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