Organic Argan Oil

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    I have become a real fan of oils of various kinds, it can be used for so much! And now I have found a new favorite that I will definitely continue to use, which I have to tell you about :)

    About a week ago, I got home organic and cold-pressed argan oil (100%) from Loelle, it is harvested and produced by a women's cooperative in Morocco, certified by ECOCERT.

    Argan oil has become a very popular oil because it is so light and penetrates the skin quickly. It moisturizes, repairs, softens the skin and makes it smooth and fine. It should also have a good effect against fine lines, so it can be used as a serum around the eyes where the skin is so thin. The oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which means that it counteracts scarring, accelerates healing and soothes irritated skin.

    It also works wonders for your hair! I have e.g. started using a conditioner that contains argan oil and I have noticed a huge difference! I used it before, then I started with the products that came with the loose hair (otherwise the warranty did not apply) but now that they are out, I started with my previous products again. And I actually regret that I have not done it all the time, my hair extensions are like a completely different hair, so smooth and fine!


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    Argan oil is a very exclusive oil, Loelles costs SEK 89 for 30 ml, but their argan oil is still cheaper than many others as they buy directly from the women's cooperatives in Morocco and there are therefore no intermediaries.

    If you buy argan oil, you also contribute to the welfare of the people who work with the production of the oil.

    My opinion on this oil is, as I said, absolutely wonderful! It is not "hard oily" as many oils are, but goes quickly into the skin and before that it just feels smooth and soft, not as sticky and slippery as many can be. In addition, it is basically odorless.

    The packaging is small and convenient, and the opening has a kind of stop so that you do not get out too much oil, which is otherwise easy.

    I use it on the hair ends, along the cuticles, on my dry spots on the legs, on the feet (heels and cuticles) on the lips and around the eyes.

    But there are many, many more uses as well. You can use it as a wrap for hair / scalp / face / feet, mix with your lip gloss, remove waterproof makeup with it, have it in cooking… I think I will become addicted to this product when I have been using it for a while and realize how much it is good for! :)

    Two thumbs up in other words!

    Buy the oil here! (adlink)

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