Organic facial peeling

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    In yesterday's post, I asked you to wish what you want to see more of in the blog, and then I received both requests to show more products that are not from my webshop, and more that is from the webshop. A little fun, fun that you think differently:) Right now it is very new in the webshop, and what I review simply depends on what I have for new stuff at home. But of course I try to have an even spread on the reviews.

    Here is at least a review of one of the new Sanctum products, namely the facial peel Gentle Face Exfoliant That I love!

    I am very picky when it comes to peels actually, a body peel should in my opinion contain a lot of grains but the grains should be small so that it scrubs the skin properly without tearing. In the face I have the same opinion, but there I think there should be a little less grain so that it does not become too scrubby against the sensitive skin, and so that you can control how much it is scrubbed in different parts of the face. In the sensitive areas you should be able to massage a little easier to get a mild scrubbing effect, and vice versa in the areas that need to be scrubbed a little more. If you have too many grains in a facial peel, it can be too much scrubbing on the sensitive areas, and if you also have too large grains, it is not good on the face at all!

    But Sanctum's facial peel contains just small and just enough grains, and cleanses the skin really well without irritating it. The face feels soft and smooth afterwards, and above all clean!

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    The peel contains 100% natural ingredients of which 79% are organically certified.

    The grains that scrub the skin are a mixture of loofah, crushed walnut shells and rice bran. If you do not know what luffa is, then google pictures of "luffa sponge", you probably recognize it! The peeling also contains kaolin clay which absorbs excess oil and removes impurities, as well as licorice extract which has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect on the skin. 

    I usually use this scrub about 2 times a week, and then I supplement with a face mask afterwards also to pamper the skin a little extra.

    Two thumbs up I say!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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