Organic skin care from Natura Siberica

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    As you know, I LOVE organic products, my weak point;) and at the beginning of the summer I received a press release with products from the organic skin and hair care brand Natura Siberica that have been available in Sweden for some time.

    Natura Siberica is a Russian brand with natural and organic products made from wildly harvested plants and herbs from Siberia. And today I was going to show you the products that I have put to the test! :)


    I got home a makeup remover, a lotion that gives the skin a golden glow, and a day cream for the face with spf 20.


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    Natura Siberica Moisturizing Foam Eye Make Up Remover
    As you can see in the picture, this is a creamy cleansing foam that removes makeup. If you have a dark and waterproof party make-up, it is not the most effective cleaning, but I absolutely think that it is very good for everyday make-up.

    Used together with water, and when I have tested it, I have used it for the whole face and not just the eyes, even though it is for removing eye makeup.

    The foam is extremely creamy and delicious, almost like whipped cream, and smells fresh and good. Love it! The foam cleanses the skin and is at the same time caring. Contains, among other things, rose root which stimulates the metabolism and restores the renewal of skin cells. As well as wild rosehips that soothe and moisturize.


    Natura Siberica Vivid Vitamins
    A moisturizing gel lotion with gold shimmer that gives radiance to the skin.

    I always tend to be skeptical of these as most people just make the skin glittery, and I do not like to be glittery. But even though it seems to contain quite large glitter grains, it becomes very mild on the skin. You absolutely do not look glittery, you see a few individual glitter grains if you look closely and "look" for it on the skin but I think it gives a really nice, discreet glow only!

    The scent is fresh and mild, and the gel penetrates super quickly into the skin, which feels smooth afterwards. Contains, among other things, cloudberries, blackberries, rosehips and blueberries that increase the skin's elasticity and moisturize.

    The packaging is a spray bottle but there is no spread in the spray that it is like a mist, but spray by hand and lubricate like a regular lotion.


    Natura Siberica Aralia Mandshurica Day Cream SPF 20
    A day cream that moisturizes and nourishes dry skin, and also has sun protection 20. It is very comfortable on the skin and goes in very quickly! I who have quite oily skin may think that it looks shiny for a while after smearing if you take quite a lot of cream - but you do not need it because it is very thick and light in texture so a little goes a long way.

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    I have very sensitive skin and can easily experience that it feels tight if I do not have a sufficient emollient face cream, but I do not get it at all with this but think that the skin feels both moisturized and soft, without lying as a layer on the surface. In addition, it smells very good!

    Summary - I have not tested these products for such a long time that I can say something about how the skin is affected in the long run, but I have got a really good first impression of Natura Siberica and highly recommend these products! They feel really good both in terms of content and quality, and in addition they are very affordable with prices between 100-300 kronor, most products are around 150 kronor.

    They are available at several different retailers, but you can read more about the brand at and on among other things are the products to buy online.

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Thanks for a great blog! This has nothing to do with your post. But the pharmacy has a colored face cream with SPF 15. Is it equivalent in sunscreen as if I put on a regular SPF 15 on my face? Thanks for the reply 🌹🌹

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