Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit

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    As you can see, I was at an event with the makeup brand Oriflame the other day, super nice and above all inspiring!

    Makeup artist Jonas Wramell showed off his favorite looks on three models, and gave lots of tips. One sentence he said that I stuck to, and have also written a lot about in the blog before, was "you can not only practice the technique and application, you must also practice looking different”.

    That's right, many people get stuck in old routines and feel uncomfortable in everything else. You may think that a make-up is as good-looking as you like, but you do not have to feel looks good just for that.


    In any case, Jonas Wramell chose two favorite products that everyone got in their goodie bag. The only thing is Oriflames Wonder Lash Mascara which I will write about on Modern Mom very soon. The second is this eyebrow shit:

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    Costs only SEK 99 and is really great!

    The shades are very natural because they are quite cold and "rat-colored". A too hot brow shadow becomes very unnatural, if you are not red-haired.

    I have put the slightly darker color at the bottom of the eyebrow and in the outer edges. I have put the lighter one on top of the inner part of the eyebrow, for a more natural result.

    Finish with the eyebrow wax to make the straws lie perfectly all day!

    Me like!

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