Oriflame CC-Cream spf 35 review

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    For those of you who are looking for a CC-Cream with a high sun protection factor, I can recommend Oriflame Giordani Gold CC-Cream spf 35 which is semi-opaque and has a sun protection factor of 35, and both UVA and UVB filters.


    The cream is thin and very easy to apply to the face, feels like a regular day cream. Gets even and nice and it goes fast!

    Smells quite a lot of perfume, good and does not smell so long, but it can be good to know for you who do not like perfumed products.

    Available in two shades, I have Light, and I think it adapts very well to my own skin tone.

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    It evens out skin tone and effectively covers red areas, and to some extent also blemishes. Without brightening up the whole face, it also has an illuminating effect around the eyes, which is always nice.

    I also have (not in these pictures) powder on the face to fix and get a matte surface, but if you have a dry skin, I do not think that powder is needed because it is not at all sticky or shiny as many other brands can be. It fixes itself quite well and I also do not experience that it folds around eyes and the like before I apply powder.

    The cream sinks well into the skin and looks very natural and nice.

    Not entirely optimal for me with oily skin, but not bad either. It stays good all day, but I have to matte the skin more often than with e.g. mineral pillows. I do not have dry skin at all but it feels on the consistency that it is perfect for you with dry skin without emphasizing itchiness.

    Currently costs 199: - (ord. Price 295 :-) for 40 ml which feels affordable. Available for purchase HERE.

    Summary review - Perfect cc-cream for you with dry / normal skin who want an even and nice skin tone without covering it completely. Top product this summer!


    I like that it comes in a tube as well, feels practical, when it starts to run out you can easily get the last thing out.


    In this picture you can clearly see that the skin tone is even, but still natural and with a little blemishes that shine through, you could basically think that I am unmade.

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    This is a nice border for us with very red areas, if you want an even skin tone and feel "flawless", you can not, like many others, just cover the blemishes if you want to look unmade. Do we cover both the red and the blemishes, you are suddenly so "perfect" that you feel made up. So I usually think that it actually does not matter if a little blemishes shine through if you want to look as natural as possible, I prefer that the red disappears.

    And as I said, now I'm talking about looking completely unmade up, which you would like if you are not going to put on make-up with other products. If I make up my eyes, I would like to have a comprehensive base :)

    Have any of you tested this CC cream? What do you think of it? ♥

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