The perfect pink lipstick this summer - Paese Argan Oil Lipstick

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    Are you looking for the perfect pink lipstick this summer? Then I have a tip for you!

    Do you miss my Sunday posts by the way? :) I have skipped them for a while now because I work mostly from home, so even though I do a lot of different things, it will not be so interesting content as I basically sit on the same chair all day haha.

    Today's make-up, or "the perfect pink lipstick this summer" maybe I should say instead it is basically all the make-up is about today - focus on the incredibly beautiful lipstick in shade 29 from Paese Argan Oil Lipstick!

    the perfect pink lipstick this summer

    How summery was this with lots of bronzer (I'm super pale now really), fake freckles made with a brow pencil and then this dark pink lipstick together with nail polish in the same color.

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    MUMS! Dare to pink !! :)


    Face primer - glo Skin Beauty Tinted Primer (Medium)
    Concealer - glo Skin Beauty Under Eye Concealer (Golden)
    Powder that neutralizes redness - glo Skin Beauty Redness relief powder
    Powder - Paese Bamboo Silk Powder
    Contouring - Contouring Palette (2)
    Highlighter with glow - Pixi Glow-Y-Powder (London Luster)
    Rouge - Paese Powder Blush (57)
    Fixing Mist - Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist
    Freckles - Benecos Eyebrow Designer (Brown)

    Brynpenna - Benecos Eyebrow Designer (Brown)
    Bryngel (+ caring) - Refectocil Styling Gel

    Lipstick - Paese Argan Oil Lipstick (29) (the perfect pink lipstick this summer)

    Mascara - Magnetic lash mascara

    My waterline is tattooed light. So for exactly the same eyes, you can supplement with glo Skin Beauty Eye Pencil (Peach) too.

    Nail polish - The nail polish is IsaDora Nail Polish in the shade 554 Pink Colada, but it has unfortunately expired now. But IsaDora probably has something similar! :)

    the perfect pink lipstick this summer

    I like this color a lot because it is very strong and vibrant but still feels quite soft in some way?

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    the perfect pink lipstick this summer

    What did you think? Is this the perfect pink lipstick this summer? Or what colors do you prefer in the summer?

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    PUSS on is! ♥


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