Paese Liquid Eyeliner

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    After this post, I have presented all the latest news on in a separate post, high five! :) Hope you find it as interesting to read as I think it is to show. Thought as I said spit out all the info as soon as possible so that you who want to shop can read about all products type directly :)

    Now I'll show you Paese's new liquid eyeliner which is carbon black, waterproof, rub-proof and sits like a rock!


    A dipliner is a bottle like this with an included brush in the cap, so you simply dip the brush in the eyeliner and then just paint!

    I usually have a bit of a hard time liking "classic dipliners" because the brush you paint with is usually made of rubber, which is hard and cumbersome to paint with. It's hard even for me who can. But this dipliner has a brush with regular straws, so it's wonderful! :)

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    Here you see an eyeliner with a wing that I made with Paese Liquid Eyeliner! It will be glossy black and incredibly stylish along the lash line. Can be painted both thin and a little wider.

    The eyeliner fits just fine, so you who want a durable eyeliner for the summer, you do not need to look any further! It is both rub-proof and waterproof :)

    The price is SEK 149 and it is available for purchase here!



    A tip if you find it difficult to paint with a brush that has a lot of eyeliner on it, is to put some eyeliner on the back of the hand and then use a clean separate eyeliner brush that you dip in the eyeliner you have on your hand. Then you have 100% control when you paint :) Nanshy has a great oblique eyeliner brush that I can recommend, if you prefer that way!

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


      • Painting an eyeliner wing is not easy the first few times, but after a little practice it sits and then it's a bit like cycling! : D So yes of course you should start practicing! :) Hugs!

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