Panos Emporio

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    Panos Emporio is a brand that first became known for its beautiful swimwear, but which now also sells ordinary clothes, watches and perfumes.

    I have tested Panos Emporio's three steam perfumes and thought I would tell you what I think of them! :)


    Floral Secret
    Top note: Raspberry, melon, bergamot, plum
    Heart note: Orchid, acacia tree, lily, rose
    Base note: Sandalwood, vanilla, musk

    An incredibly summery and sweet scent that feels very feminine and youthful, it is floral without becoming painfully strong and smells really wonderfully good! Perfect for you who like sweet scents.

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    Coco Sun
    Top note: Grapefruit, Blackcurrant, Rose pepper, Lime, Pineapple
    Heart note: Lily, Coconut, Sword Lily, Jasmine, Violet
    Base note: Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla, Heliotrope

    A fuller and sensual perfume that smells incredibly good of a mixture of fruit, vanilla and coconut. Reminiscent of a hot tropical summer!

    Top note: Rose pepper, Ylang, Rhubarb, Black pepper
    Heart note: Peach, Rose, Tuberose, Coconut, Jasmine
    Base note: Musk, Amber tree, Vanilla, Orange tree, Patschuli

    This scent is a little more spicy and floral and not as sweet as the other scents. It feels a little more elegant!


    At, the scents are described as heavenly scent, sensual scent and romantic scent, and I can absolutely agree with that description :)

    All perfumes are suitable for all ages, but I do not stop to think about different ages when I feel the different scents:
    Floral Secret feels a bit classic youth around the age of 15, when you love sweet scents, the sweeter the better!
    Coco Sun feels a little more mature but at the same time sweet and sensual, a little 25+ when you travel a lot and "build your life".
    Goldflower feels a bit 50+ with a spicy and elegant floral scent that feels very calm and harmonious.

    Excuse my generalizations, do you usually think of ages when you smell perfumes?


    Which is my favorite? Coco Sun undoubtedly! I think everyone smells wonderful but I like unique scents that I do not think I have felt before, and this one feels very special. It is sweet, smooth and full-bodied and has a perfect balance! Two thumbs up! :)

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    panos model1
    You who followed Top Model Sweden probably recognize this picture of Elzana, it was the Panos perfume Floral Secret which they would advertise on this photo shoot! :) Image source:

    The perfumes are Eau de Toilette and cost SEK 375 for 30 ml, available for purchase!

    Any of you who have smelled these?

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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