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    Last autumn, I blogged about the perfume Aqua Magnoliana from the fine perfume brand Feguia 1833, a perfume that quickly became a favorite of mine! I blogged about it after smelling it (read sniffed for like 10 minutes) at an event I was at with It was not allowed to come home with me then, the wallet said no, but a few weeks later it came in a nice package in the mail from a wonderful reader who read my tip and bought it, and was so happy with the tip that she wanted to thank me, and therefore bought one for me too ♥♥♥

    After my blog posts about this beauty, I have received some emails from people wondering where to buy it. no longer exists, and it was the only site (at least the only Swedish one) that sold it online. I know it is available at NK, but it does not help people outside Stockholm.

    BUT NOW dear friends, I saw by chance that it is available on, and not only that, it is not as expensive there either as it was on theyouway :) Now it is available in two different sizes and you will find both here!


    This is how the scent is described:
    “Pure and fresh scent of magnolia with an ounce of citrus and sweetness. The scent is a tribute to Magnolia Amazonica - a tree that can grow to a height of over 60 meters. At night, their white luminous flowers open and spread a euphoric scent. Main notes: Amazon magnolia, Santalum album, Grandiflorum jasmine The perfume comes in an exclusive handmade wooden box with lid. ”

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    Fragrance notes:
    Magnolia, citrus and jasmine.

    Should I describe the perfume in just three words, it is without a doubt healthy, clean and fresh, it goes a little in the sweet direction while it also smells a little sour.

    It is a classic scent where you only think that the person smells good, and not that the person has a good perfume. It does not become sticky strong or slippery sweet in any way, but has an absolutely perfect balance!

    And it is noticeable that it is luxurious even when you spray, because when you press it is not a hard spray spray that comes, but it is soft and "slow" so you have time to sweep with the bottle so that all perfume does not end up on the same area. In addition, you do not have to press down completely, and can therefore vary if you want a full spray or just a little.

    The scent lasts a long time even though it is edp, and despite the price, it still gets five out of five stars from me!


    Offers a picture from the event, here I stand with the perfume in my hand and am completely inside all the info I hear about the brand :) Of all the perfumes on the table, it was Agua Magnoliana that I fell for the most!

    Fueguia 1833 is a South American fragrance brand that manufactures perfumes in its own laboratory in Buenos Aires. Founder Julian Bedel produces unique fragrances with inspiration and ingredients from Patagonia's nature, and the company has a great environmental mindset - each perfume is made by hand and bottled in recycled glass.

    The handwritten the labels also make each bottle unique! Wonderfully! :)

    Do you want to treat yourself to a little extra luxury, or do not know what to give as a nice gift to a person you like a lot, then I can definitely recommend Fueguia 1833 Agua Magnoliana, I am so happy that I have it!

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    Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday ♥

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