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    If you have a little droopy / wrinkled eyelids that are difficult to apply make-up, a sweep actually works just fine.

    There are some tips and tricks that one can think of though. Had intended to show step by step, but of course my camera died.

    But I will explain as clearly as I can!

    Focus on the top of the eye, to lift the gaze!

    I have used this earthy 4-palette from IsaDora, the shade Golden Sunset.

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    Like to show with this palette, as it is easy to buy (instead of buying 4 single shadows) and affordable! In addition, the colors that most people like are brown and brownish gold.

    But this make-up can of course be done with black / gray as well, with color or more discreet shadows!

    Step 1.
    Put it on second brightest the eye shadow a little above the globe line.
    Do you have a little drooping eyelids that become like a "hood" when you look straight ahead. Then you can look straight into the mirror, and apply the eye shadow over the globe line, where you see that it is visible!

    Step 2.
    Put it on golden eye shadow along the globe line, or simply under the eye shadow you first applied.
    Blur the edges.

    Step 3.
    Put it on dark eye shadow on the rest of the eyelid.
    To raise the eye more, place the shadow a little higher just above the pupil, so that it becomes like a discreet top!

    Step 4.
    Mark the eyes with one black eye shadow as eyeliner. Erase!
    If you have wrinkles, it may be easier to soot with black eye shadow instead of a eyeliner. But blurring a eyeliner is just as good! I use an oblique brush for this, so that it does not become too much.

    If you have sagging eyelids / wrinkles, it can be difficult to get a sharp eyeliner evenly. Also be a little careful about how wide an edge you paint. On droopy eyes, the entire make-up can only look black when you look straight ahead, if you have a lot of eyeliner. If you do not want it then :)

    Step 5.
    Open your eyes with one matt highlighter shadow along the lower row of lashes in the corner of the eye and below the brow (gloMinerals Eye Shadow, Diamond). And a white eyeliner along the waterline. (IsaDora Inliner Kajal, 50 Satin White.) I always choose a matte highlighter if the rest of the eye shadows are shimmery, to get some contrast.

    Step 6.
    Finish with mascara on all lashes! IsaDora Precision Mascara.
    Do you have really sparse lower lashes, which many get over the years. Then think I that it is nicer to let them go completely, than to have 4 black straws under the eye that are difficult to get. But a discreet fringe marking is still to be recommended in my opinion, so that the make-up looks more finished.

    Lips - Lypsyl + pink eye shadow. Lighter in the middle.

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    So, now you are ready for the weekend! ;)

    On one blog I get make-up questions from older women who want to look younger, and on the other blog teenage girls ask how to put on make-up older to get in the basket!

    Do you want to see how I did this make-up for a 17-year-old who wanted to go to a concert, you will find the post here :)

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