Pastel pink hair

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    I thrive very well in my hair color, different shades of red and pink that I have been riding on for about a year now :) And now for the summer I wanted to be a little lighter, but still drive on the pink track. So last Friday I was with the talented Monica Werner again and did an even lighter pink coloring in the lengths! So happy! :)

    This is what my hair color looks like now:


    Fint va? :)


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    We put a brown hair color in the scalp instead of dark red as we usually do, to get away from the red over time. You have to think long-term with color, everything can not happen at the same time if you want a good result :) A brown color will blend in better with my rat-colored outgrowth, which currently becomes very greyish compared to red.

    At the same time, we bleached the lengths with balayage brushing, to bring up the brightness. It is not possible to get a dark hair light pink without bleaching :)

    After that we put on a lavender-purple hair color that becomes kind of cool pink-purple and very pastel and nice! There were two rounds in other words, so it took several hours before I was done!


    A very smooth transition, although it differs very much on the scalp and the tops. As you can see better in this picture:


    Cool huh? Such a big difference :)


    What do you think? ♥

    Monica had olaplex in the bleaching and after each coloring, so the hair was not worn at all even though she had very strong bleaching, I even think the quality feels better afterwards, absolutely incredible !!! :)

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    You can book an appointment online, she's really cruel at color changes!


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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Have a question about eyebrow shadow, and I know you'm heavenly good at those areas. I am golden blonde and would like a shade close to my hair color. Have read that anastasia brow powder is good, which of the nuances do you think suits me as a golden blonde with a warm skin tone? Caramel? Thanks in advance! Hope you can help me or suggest someone else good!

    2. Soooo heavenly beautiful! If she ever comes to Finland on a business trip, I'm standing in line all night outside that salon; D

      Hug / sister

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