Lip tattoo before and after

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    I realized that I never published pictures of my lip tattoo when it was heeelt clear.

    So both after a return visit, and healing for the second time. I also put in a little highlighter in the middle of the lip and a little outside, to make them look a little fuller :)


    When tattooing the lips, you can choose only the contour, an intoned contour or the entire lips.

    You can also choose to follow the shape completely, or make them a little bigger / change the shape.

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    And as you wrote earlier, you can also add highlighter.

    There are many different colors, you discuss it together on site by partially looking at skin color, etc. but also what you yourself like to use for lip gloss.


    I have a toned contour + highlighter. My color is quite dark red-pink, and I have fiddled a bit with the shape but the lips themselves are not directly larger.



    I was so damn swollen afterwards, haha.
    It was apparently not normal to get this swollen :)

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    As you can see, I have gone outside the mold a lot on the sides, to get a softer shape.
    My lips had a pretty nice color even before, but it actually changed a lot from day to day.


    As I said before, I have done all my tattoos with Annika Söderlund at Creative Make Up in Uppsala. I really recommend her, and it's important to feel safe when doing things like this.

    Annika also tattoos in Stockholm, on Åland and a few more places. The list is on her website!

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    Helena Amiley
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