Long-lasting lipstick

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    Often when you have red lips, or tell someone about a nice lipstick, you often get an answer in the style of "njaahh, it's so hard when it disappears and you have to improve”. And I understand that, but if you have a lip pencil or a lipstick that holds up well, it is not as hard as you might imagine :)

    GloMinerals new lipstick pens Suede Matt Crayon is without a doubt the lipstick I have ever tested that has the absolute best durability! So I thought I would recommend them a little extra now before Valentine's Day when you might want romantic red lips ♥

    I have eaten both Christmas table and spaghetti with these colors, and even though you may want to improve a little closer to the mouth when you have eaten a lot, it still sits so nicely that it does not look crazy in any way. It becomes like not just a contour around the lips in the end but fits very nicely on the lips!

    If you remember the post Carpet oily skin during the day so you see in the pictures also what the lipstick looks like after a whole day (with lunch) after 7-8 hours!

    So nice to not have to think about what you look like when you eat :)


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    The lipsticks cost SEK 259 and are available in six colors Byher.se.

    Hugs are!

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