Perfect Brows Eyebrow Extensions

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    I have received a really exciting product that I was going to show you now, namely eyebrow extensions from!

    I have not tested them to 100% yet to be able to give a final review, but I can not help but show you already now :)

    What I have tested so far is simply to attach to the eyebrows, I can therefore not comment on the durability or the like yet, but I thought I would show you what it looks like!


    Eyebrow extensions are just as it sounds, hairs that are glued to the eyebrow to get denser eyebrows. These should last for about 1-2 weeks depending on how careful you are with them. Much like eyelash extensions, although you apply these yourself at home as it is a little easier to do on yourself!

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    Though I have a little hard to believe that it can last up to 2 weeks, the skin is changed all the time, at least on me who is young. But it will be exciting to see!


    I have the shade dark brown, a nice color that is neither too warm nor too cold. The straws are synthetic and they are thin and true to nature. In one package there are several different lengths!

    The glue is a "skin glue" that you glue on the skin. You apply by picking a straw with tweezers, dipping it in the glue and then applying directly where you want it.


    The application itself was actually not as difficult as I thought, the straws attach immediately and settle nicely. The thing that is simple with just the eyebrows is that the straws more or less lie down, they should not have a nice bend such as e.g. eyelashes. They blend well into my own straws and do not look so crazy at all!

    But it is of course very fussy, and it takes some time. As a makeup artist, I see in front of me that I like to use them on a make-up job where you have to take photos / film very closely. But as a private person, I do not know if so many have patience with this? Maybe if you only have a small notch in the eyebrow that you want to fill in, and not generally very leaky eyebrows :) Or what do you think?


    I did not take a before picture because I was only going to test a few straws, then I could not stop haha. So here's my eyebrow with a lot of extensions! It's probably hard for you to see which ones are mine and which ones are fake, but I got very light eyebrows on the trip abroad so most of the dark ones you see are extensions.

    You should not really wet your face in one day, preferably two, for a lasting result. And you should definitely not rub your eyebrows or use oil-based products. But I put on make-up immediately after application, and washed it off with both water and oil-based makeup remover, so my straws are already gone.

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    But I have actually glued on a few hairs on my arm, and can say that I can rub very, very much before they come loose!

    In other words - This is an exciting product that I will continue to test! What do you think spontaneously? Is it a smart product that will break through, or is it more of an idea that sounds good but does not work for 100% in practice? :) And if you love the result, would you have the patience?

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Oh sounds cruel but do not know if it is worth the money, what do you think is better to buy such or do eyebrow tattoo? Also have another question thought if you might know. I have scars after piercing in the eyebrow and am looking for treatments to cover / reduce the scar itself .. But I kind of find nothing about this: / Do you think you can do an eyebrow tattoo over the scar itself from the piercing? Asked someone who works with this and she said yes there are no problems. But will not the scar be visible through?

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