Perfect nude lips

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    I love nude lips, and know that an incredible number of you do too (it can be seen in the webshop, I can say, the shades are sold out even though I barely have time to write about them!). But the fact is that I feel  me look better in colorful lips, and if I go away, it will usually be what I choose, or at least light pink lips that also give a little color.

    This I discussed, Linda Hallberg and Therese Jirving at an event this spring, whereupon Linda said "once you find the right nude shade, you are stuck!”, And this has finally happened! :)

    There is no direct template for which nude shades you fit in and feel good in, nor the perfect shade that suits everyone as it depends on both skin tone and how dark or light you are. A tip is in any case not to choose a color that is too light compared to the skin tone, but rather to choose a shade that is darker.

    The best thing is to test yourself - and my new darling is the new shade 17m from Paese Lipstick With Argan Oil!

    The shade feels absolutely perfect for me, and I keep my fingers crossed that it will not be too dark this winter when I get back my light skin tone for this I want to use all year round :)

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    The pin is creamy and feels really nice on the lips, it contains caring argan oil and lasts a very long time during the day.

    Costs SEK 79 on!



    I have used this lipstick in today's make - up which I will publish tonight, then you will see full pictures! :)



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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Unfortunately, already tested and without results. I probably have the smallest possible amount of lip gunk you can wear and still be visible, but it settles there anyway (yes, regardless of amount or non-amount actually).

      Well. Thanks anyway for the tip. It's lucky I do not have bigger problems than that;)

    2. Nude is the shit;)

      Meeen… I just have to ask. I think I hear a lot about lipsticks that bleed and come outside the contours. I've never had that problem. However, does it have a tendency to lie on the inside instead? Ie on the inner edge, towards the mucous membranes / mouth instead - how does it come about and how do I avoid it?

      Have tried to google but it seems like I am alone ^^

      • Everyone's lips are different, I rarely have problems with lip makeup bleeding either but very many have it :) Try to take a piece of toilet paper between the lips and close the mouth gently once, you do not need to close the lips completely but mostly on the inside where you want remove excess makeup that would otherwise slide inward. You can also put a finger in your mouth and pull it out with your lips closed, then you also get rid of excess that would otherwise have slipped inwards and maybe ended up on your teeth in the end :)

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